Lock code manager - error

I've been trying to set a lock code in LCM and keep getting this error in the logs. The code is failing. Anyone know what this means?

When I try to add a new user to a lock I get an action message saying that the user will be added - but nothing happens - no user is added.

Something is broke !

if you can't add a code using the interface in the lock driver, you won't be able to add one via LCM.
Making sure the lock works correctly from the driver UI is the first place to start when debugging lock issues.

Worked fine last time I added a user to the lock...... I'll go add the user manually...

Seems that my lock has stopped responding to adding codes, but responds to rules, ui and dashboard. Just added one the other day with no trouble. My locks have been solid for months. I'm running a repair to see if that fixes it.

Just had my husband go and try the code and it works in the lock, but doesn't list in the app. I also show that the traffic is going through the repeater. I feel like something is wrong.

not following, how was the code added (lock, lcm or driver)?, does it show in lockCodes in the driver?

the code works at the lock. I added it through lcm at first. Then after reading this attempted it through the driver. No logs. The code is not listed anywhere in either, but I have this


Lock responds to rules and to dashboard for lock and unlock. I've had to have my husband try the lock because I'm not home to do it myself only vpn'd in. I can beat on it more when I get home and confirm communication with my zniffer.

no log on the attempt to change code

If the code works at the lock then it was added, then either we didn't get the response that it was added, or the code was already in the lock.
When you get home, click the fetchCode command in the driver, see if you can read the code from the lock (assuming this isn't a schlage lock)

Mike, it is a schlage, and it's been solid since I discussed this with you in February.

But the code doesn't show in lcm or in the driver. And I double checked that it was not in the lock prior to attempting it. I've clicked the fetch and the codes are updated and not listed.

Updated but not listed?, I don't understand.

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