Lock Code Manager - Conexis Read - RFID Slots / Users

Firstly, Thanks to the bods at Hubitat.

I moved my entire ST system on Monday, transferred all my WebCore pistons to RM4 yesterday and my system is humming along nicely. Goodbye ST !!!

Amazing support from Hubitat Developers and can confirm the recently added Yale Conexis L1 Z-Wave support works perfectly. Paired first time and works without issue. Fantastic. Thank you for adding support for this.

Like many other I was using RBoys LUM in ST. This allowed me to set up actions based upon who unlocked the door using the RFID tags/cards, assign custom names etc.

Being able to read the RFID slots from the Yale using Hubitat's Lock Code Manager would be the final piece of the puzzle and allow many more possibilities.

Would this be possible? With Rboys on other threads being quoted as not porting his apps to Hubitat can the developers of Hubitat add similar functionality?

Thanks again to Hubitat !!!! #GoodbyeST #MaketheMove

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In testing the lock with the included card it did not send any information regarding the cards identity.

Thanks Mike, epic job at offering Conexis L1 support for Hubitat! Many many thanks !!!

The RBoys app allows you add each card/rfid tag to the lock within the Lock User Management app after resetting the lock. Then it then allows you to assign a name to the RFID slot it creates. When adding cards/tags it creates 'slots' in the app RFID1, RFID 2, RFID 3.

If I can help with providing any data from my lock/hubitat using different tags/cards to unlock that could help provide clues or info that would support this feature please let me know.

thanks again.

Sure, I was only able to test the RFID lock and unlock using the master card, I did not see any data from the lock that would indicate which RFID card was used.
In any event, if you have other RFID cards assigned to the lock, enabling debug logging in the driver whilst locking and unlocking would be a good place to start, it may reveal some usefull data.
You can PM this to me, thanks

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Thanks Mike. Will do.

Much appreciated

In the Yale box there is a Yale RFID tag as well as the master card. You could use this for testing.

If you are going to look at this for us you are welcome to hang on to the loaner for a while, I'm not in a rush for it.

Thanks, Simon

Hi Gregsignup

Does the RBoys app tell you who opened the Conexis, like it does for other locks?

I only have Conexis on Hubitat, didn't put it on ST.

Thanks, Simon

Hi Simon.

Yes it does. You have to relearn your tags and cards via the RBoys app which identifies them as RFID1, RFID2 etc.... (I have 6 - a combo of tags and cards, but they all identify as RFIDx)

Then within the RBoys app you assign a name to the RFID numbered ‘slot’

You can then setup notifications and pistons depending on who opens the door.

It works well. Hoping Mike can work some magic and find similar functionality for HE.

I’ve moved it over to HE and using Presence at the moment as a stop gap but user identification at lock level would be great.

Hope that helps


Yes it does - as you say, hopefully @mike.maxwell will be able to do his magik !!!!


The issue being to commission the damn tag you need an app which is only available in the uk, yeah i know i can fetch it from some apk mirror, just needed to move on at the time.

They sell the lock in UK and Ireland - but the app is UK only. Yale support told me to set my Google account to a UK address and retry - I done that and then I was able to download the app. I forget the steps I went through on Android to do this, but it worked (and I didn't need a payment method at the UK address).


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I've been thinking about a Yale Conexis L1 for some time now; I live in Ireland, but I have been put off by the appalling reviews that the app gets and consequently the lock.

Will Lock Code Manager eliminate the need for the app or is the app essential to set the lock, or indeed is the lock really worth the investment in the first place?

I assume you need to buy the 'Z' Wave module, am I correct in that? Also, I know that the lock works with Alexa, but will it work with Google Home?

Thanks for any advice that might come from users who have been through the process, and I suppose, was it worth the effort?

I'm in Ireland also. And USA also when I can travel, I have 2 Conexis L1's and 3 Zigbee Yale Locks (US style) on regular doors.

The built-in L1 app in HE does not do anything with users of the lock, so you still need to use the Yale app. This is the biggest downfall of the system, until someone comes up with a different driver. So, when someone opens the door you get notified that it has been opened, but you don't know who opened it.

Yes, you need the Z-Wave module to get the lock to talk to HE. Make sure it's the "Module 2" version.

I mainly use HE to show me if doors are open or locked. I've not tried Alexa with it - I don't have GH.

The regular zigbee Yale locks via Lock Manager tell me who has opened the doors.

Was it worth the effort - to know if a door is locked or unlocked to me is worth it....

I hope that helps.


Thanks for all that info Simon.

If I could impose just a small amount more.

A significant number of people seem to have had issues with batteries running out within weeks or a short number of months, tags losing connection with the lock and other issues that end up with either themselves or worse still non-techies being locked out of the house. These are the things that would worry me the most. Have you experienced any or all of these?

I don't know of any other similar design lock that will fit European uPVC doors. I have seen the clunky-looking lumps that get stuck on to the door lock but I wouldn't go there, As far as I can see it's a case of sticking with the reliable ole key or take the plunge and go with the Conexis L1. It really is a good locking lock that seems to have been very well engineered.

If, from your experience, your opinion is significantly different from what I have suggested then I would appreciate your response. Otherwise, I feel that I should really wait until either the app gets a viable update or some other player launches an alternative that fits my bill.

Sorry for the delay in responding - for some reason I'm not getting notified anymore about replies to my posts.

Batteries last maybe 3 or 4 months. I have had one occurrence where I came back from being a couple of months in the US and I couldn't get in due to dead batteries - trick here is to keep a PP9 battery in the car - there are 2 metal terminals under the lock on the outside - put the PP9 onto the terminals and she powers up.

I've never had a tag lose connection.


Thank you for that information, much appreciated Dave.

I've been looking for a lock that has RFID and z-wave, I wish it had a keypad as well, but... for anyone who has one of these, is it weather sealed reasonably well on both sides? could you put it on a outdoor gate?

The inside part of the Conexis is not weatherproof. Can't see it working for long outdoors, so that's a no IMHO.


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