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Hello, I currently use a Schlage zigbee door lock, Iris v3 keypad and Sharptools dashboards. The one thing that I love about the door lock and the keypad is that I can share my LCM codes across them both however the one thing I cannot do is share a code to be used as a pin within Sharptools. So my question is this something that could be considered for the future e.g. an LCM API?

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well this is interesting, as LCM is actually quite stupid, it keeps and tracks pending code jobs (add/delete ect), but beyond that it doesn't actually store any codes, it reads them from the locks and keypads that are installed on the hub when the app opens...

If sharptools created a child pin device that utilized the lock code schema then it could do what you ask.

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You can do this with a GV connector now so you can do it from a dashboard. But no, you can't do it from Sharptools. SharpTools would have to have the equivalent GV connector device support that the dashboard does.

Thank's guys, i'd say this is probably enough at this stage for @josh to work with.

If I understand correctly, he's looking to have Lock Code Manager automatically synchronize the same PIN code across his locks, keypads and dashboards (eg. change the PIN code required to control things on a dashboard... not to change the PIN code from within a dashboard).

As far as I'm aware, the PIN code for Hubitat dashboards must be set in advance from the dashboard's Advanced settings section. So the GV Connector wouldn't help with this particular request.

Thanks for the feedback, Mike. Looking through the LockCodes capability definition, it sounds like the lock should report a JSON object under the attribute lockCodes with the codes.

I guess my Yale Assure SL locks (YRD256) don't support this as I don't see that attribute and Lock Code Manager doesn't seem to work with them at all (even manually creating codes in LCM).

I created a Virtual Lock and was able to poke around with it and see that it does report the codes in the lockCodes attribute.


That being said, like the HE dashboards you would currently need to set your SharpTools dashboard PIN in advance. We don't currently support dynamically setting PINs and I don't recall any other requests for it yet. You might considering posting a feature request on the SharpTools.io Community - the level of community interest in various features is a key part of how we prioritize what we work on.

No...he's setting the lock code in Lock Code Manager. Not the pin code for a dashboard.

If you want to set the lock code via Lock Code Manager, setting it in the individual lock won't help. Plus, using the GV route opens up all the other use-cases for GV connectors, not just this one.

I understand that. But he wants that PIN code which is set in LCM to become the PIN code that is required to be entered in the dashboard when he clicks on a secured tile.

(That way the PIN codes his family has to enter on his locks, key pads, and dashboards are all the same)

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Okay...I totally misread that the first time...sorry.

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I have created a feature request here on the Sharptools community forum.

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