Lock Code Manager: Always Deleting Users set up for Start / End date activation

Hi - I have had this issue happen numerous times with Lock Code Manager now.

When I update an exiting deactivated user to become Enabled / Disabled based on date and time, the user always gets deleted when the code is supposed to become activated.

How do I get this resolved?

Ill have a look into this.


Thanks, Mike - It just happened on my lock again - Two user codes were just deleted when I set them up to enable/disable about 15 minutes ago.

Is it possible that a character in the user's name may be affecting what is going on? I have parenthesis "( )" in the user names for which dog sitter we have enabled.

no its not the name

Hi, @mike.maxwell - Is there anything I can send to you from the logs? I had the logs set to "Verbose" before I set up the two users to become active upon the date/time.

Thanks but i am able to reproduce the issue


Hi, Mike - Any updates on the investigation?

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