Lock code App

@mike.maxwell love this is here! Of course here are requests:

  1. Days of the week for enable/disabled (MTWThFSaS)? Every Thursday cleaning lady has access.

  2. Ability for specified days and time during those days? Every Thursday from 11am-4pm the cleaning lady has access.

  3. Based on days and weeks of the month? Every Thursday on the 1st and 3rd week of the month the cleaning lady has access.


Hi Aaron,
Can you tell me where you live please.
I need a new TV so I can pop round 3rd Thursday of the month at 11:30 to pick it up while your out. :wink: :smile:


You would need a code to get in though. :wink:

You mean its not 1234?
Hhmm. Need to rethink this.

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So glad you didn't get it. I was tricky with 4321.


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I like the lock code app.... but it's missing something I had in SmartThings. The ability to enable/disable a code via presence. If not home then enable otherwise disable it.


So happy LCM is finally here. I was wondering what your vision for the scope of this app is?

I am sure everyone has different ideas of what should be added including yourself.

For example I am curious if notification ability will be added to the app or left to RM?

Lock notifications have been in RM since 1.1.7 I believe, and don't require LCM
LCM is for managing codes, there's not much point in reinventing the wheel in regards to actions taken by LCM.
There are some time/day based scheduling items missing currently, other than that I'm collecting use cases for these extensions.


I'm particularly interested in how reliable these types of restrictions were.
For those that don't know, disabling a code on a lock involves actually telling the lock to delete it, enabling a code is telling the lock to add it in as if it were new.
There is no capability on any lock I've seen to date whereby a given code can remain on the lock, but be disabled.
So there's always a risk that a given code won't be added or deleted, interference, batteries, god knows what...
LCM knows about this, but currently doesn't do anything proactive about it.

So i want to use this but I would need a few more things (and maybe they are in there?)

  1. Days and times for codes.
  2. Expiration and start of codes (code will be enabled on this date/time and end on that date/time)
  3. Notifications of the lock codes being used, who used it, etc. (maybe it can do this?)
  4. Presence isnt so much of an issue for me.

I have been using Rboy Apps smart lock for awhile and it works great, will we be able to tie Lock Code manager to rule machine to run actions when a user unlocks or locks a door?

I have kept my yale Yl220 in Smartthings for these functions, it is near the only thing left there.

already in there...

already built into RM, and doesn't require LCM

Weekly periodic scheduling is not in this version

this lock I have no personal experience with, can't say if it is fully supported or not.

Thanks for the info, I will give it a whirl and if it works then one less thing in SmartThings =)

for those that want to investigate, install a virtual lock device, load LCM, and have at it...
keep in mind that adding deleting codes on the virtual device is instantaneous, in the real world adding a lock code can take a couple of seconds...

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In the past and for my application it worked quite well so long as you also have a delay time for each lock code to be added/deleted.

the Yale 220 should work, my Yale 210 is working fine, the 210 is the push button version and the 220 is touchscreen.

I don't understand what this means.

In response to that question.

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I see so much more risk in a feature like this than value. A secure code should be enough. Keep in mind that such a feature would do nothing to stop the master code from unlocking the door.

@SmartHomePrimer There is risk in everything you do these days. All you can do is either live off-the-grid or die to be safe.