Location(s) of Hubitat Developement Team

Does anyone know where the Hubitat development team is located? Please tell me that it is not in China or Russia.

Not China to my knowledge, although the hubs might be assembled there (like almost everything else in the world - LOL).


Based on conversations over time, I think (know?) most of the dev team you see active on the Community are based in the US. So you can rest easy.... Nothing illegal happens there, or anywhere else outside of Russia or China.... (Joke BTW.... Just in case anyone can't see the my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek... Certainly not suggesting any impropriety on Hubitat's part....). This just feels awkward now.... Subtlety is so hard sometimes in text....


I'd also question this topic being part of the "News and Updates" category.... Maybe the Lounge is more appropriate... For those who have appropriate clearance and no adverse political links.... Sorry.... I may be taking this point a little further than I should....


I know that the front facing staff is in the USA, now whether they contract out to other countries for specific solutions, I DO NOT KNOW AT ALL

Another really offensive post from @sburke781 ... :wink: It's OK, we know what you mean. :slight_smile:

From comments over the years some of the states HE folks come from include NY, LA, & I think Arizona/Colorado (?).

I'm more worried about HE team members from LA than anyone from China/Russia.

Have you seen the size of their "to-go" drinks in NOLA? How can anyone write clean/clear code (much less even dial their phone) with those around?! :slight_smile:



It's OK. I read that Siri now understands both drunk and cajun!


Company is based in Arizona, with employees in Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, Louisiana, New York, and Baja California, Mexico.


Thank you.

Since I live in fairly close proximity to Hubitat HQ, I took a drive over to the listed address in Scottsdale, AZ one day when I was in the neighborhood. It's basically an office in a nondescript office park with dark-tinted windows (to keep out the heat, I guess) and the smallest Hubitat logo on the door. I'm not sure what I was expecting, really...

A giant giant neon "H" flashing green on a black background, and armed security guards keeping the fans at bay? :wink:


Rare picture of inside the Hubitat HQ