Location of hub

Got the new hub and wondering about placement. Since I will be doing a slow migration and my house has a fireplace in the middle of it which generally kills my reception, is there any issue putting the hub in line between a google mesh access point and the ST hub with all of them being very close to each other? Any concern with interference especially zwave?

Over time I have found that this is the best place for the ST hub and zwave coverage for the house and backyard devices. So I’m assuming that’s the best place for Hubitat provided that having two zwave and zigbee hubs next to each other doesn’t create issues.

Google V1 mesh access point (1 hop from main connect to the cable router) -> Hubitat hub -> ST hub

I think placing it closer to a wifi access point will affect zigbee more than it would zwave. You can change the zigbee channel to help with this type of interference.

That being said, I've also found that placing the hub centrally at my house significantly helped with the reliability and speed.

For example, I use to have it in the basement, and it worked pretty well, however my two locks just would not work reliably. No matter how many repeaters I had in the mesh. I have a large number of devices. Once I moved the hub centrally, the locks became much more reliable and things began to work much faster.

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