Local users are able to access dashboard

I want to make sure that guests who are on my network are not able to access the hub. i.e. we are going to have guests who are in the house that I do not want them to go to my hub. I tested this by opening the IP address in a private window and it allowed me to see the dashboard.

Can I make everyone login even if they are on the local network?

What is the best way to block access if you are on the network.

You can protect the entire dashboard with a passcode in the dashboard advanced settings


I'm not sure if you have the ability but I was able to set up a guest network which keeps my guest away from the hub and anything else they really don't need to get into.


Yep That worked!

Yes agree this is also a good solution in conjunction to the enabling security

If this is a concern for you, then consider adding a password login to the hub’s admin interface itself. In other words, anyone who browses to the hub’s IP address will need to have a username and password before they can see or do anything.

Note that this is distinct from a dashboard PIN code, which applies only to the dashboard for which it has been set.