Local timer for dashboards

I created a topic for this but it automatically closed and didn't really get any conclusive comments to say if this was being looked at or not.

I find the 3 second countdown for local dashboards unnecessary. Can this be removed (or user adjusted) as it often delays a quick opening of the app to just turn a single light off. Can more than double the time and feels slow when the 3 second notification comes up and you have to wait it out.

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I think you mean this right?

If so, I’d second that - don’t see much if any value in it.

Yes that is what I meant. I don't see any benefit from a user perspective either. Just a potential delay, even worse if you click something before the 3 seconds is up as it kicks you back to the list of dashboards so further delays you, or even if you rotate the screen during that 3 second period off me it adds a bit more delay.

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