Local Settings Link from Dashboard

I often use my ipad to adjust my Hubitat settings while on my LAN. Naturally , I find this need while I am on my local dashboard, which on an ipad it has no url header, so I found the need to add a tile that pointed to my Local IP of my Hubitat, rather than opening a webpage and entering the ip manually.

I feel like I am missing a way to get to my hub setup menu from my dashboard rather than having to create the the tile link to get there.

Is this how everyone does this?

I see Dashboard and admin usage as totally separate, so I don't do this at all. :slight_smile: If I did, I'd probably bookmark the admin page in Safari or create a home screen icon for it or something--not sure what you're using for the Dashboard. What you describes seems like it would work just as well.

Tap the Hubitat logo at the top left. You'll be taken to the Dashboards menu. From there you can tap the word "Cloud Dashboards" and it will switch to "Local Dashboards"

Thanks, I figured that out and it will even give me the IP of my Hubitat; however, from there I need to open a webpage and enter the ip in a new window. I thought there might be a shortcut on that "Hubitat Logo" or elsewhere that I was overlooking. I guess there is not so creating a link on my dashboard works..

Just using the Hubitat Dashboards, I thought I might be overlooking a shortcut that was already there somewhere..

Is this Android? Mine doesn’t behave like this. You can also access local an cloud dashboards similarly From the Hubitat Elevation mobile app.

The poster appears to be looking for a way to access the hub admin UI (over his LAN from a tap of something on the Dashboard like a link tile), not the LAN dashboards. What you're describing is accurate in my experience but probably not what they actually need. Sounds like what they're doing now works and might be the best/only way--I'd say the Hubitat creators didn't really intend for you to be in the admin UI all the time and saw Dashboard as the day-to-day interface for those who want manual control.

So, I guess, along those lines: if you see yourself needing to be in the admin UI all the time for something other than setting up a new device of tweaking an existing automation to work better for you, perhaps you could find a way to make it possible to just do whatever you want from Dashboard or another app/automation instead. :smiley:

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Ah OK. Sorry I missed that. It's not the right tool for the job.
A VPN connection and a browser shortcut, or my method is Teamviewer running on local computer. Remote admin is rare for me though.

Sounds like they're still on the LAN, so neither should be necessary--just a link to get there. Still possibly not the right tool for the job, but I don't really know the reasons for wanting to access the admin UI from the Dashboard...but it should work in any case. :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was attempting to explain.

I though there may have been a hidden (or not obvious) way of accessing the UI while being on my LAN from the dashboard... I have a tile set for the link, I just thought it may have been redundant.

Yeah, Dashboards are more intended to be something you use for day-to-day usage if you want manual control or monitoring of something. The admin UI is ideally somewhere you only need to go to set up new devices or modify automations--hopefully not every day. I suspect the difficulty of getting from a Dashboard to the admin UI (the other way around is actually quite easy) was intentional. What you're doing is probably the only way if you want something entirely in Dashboard (otherwise a home screen icon, browser favorite/bookmark, or whatever would of course also do the trick).

That being said, I'll repeat the advice that if you find youself doing this often and it's not for one of the above purposes, see if you can modify something to eliminate this need (obviously won't help if you're setting up something new, but if you're trying to control an existing device, there's probably a way).

I just noticed that one of my hubs LAN dashboard page shows the hamburger icon to access the hub settings like I mentioned in this thread whereas the other hub does not. This is from IOS.
Since I don't think it easily possible to view the url each IOS shortcut is accessing, does anyone know how this might be accomplished?

My "Warehouse" dashboard has the menu I want on my second hub.

Anyone else have the "hamburger" icon on their desktop (Upper left corner)??