Local processing fail! (Joke)


Just had a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and NONE of my automations are working! I guess local processing isn't fool proof after all!

I suppose it could be the lack of power in the entire city.....

On a good note, none of my electronics appear to be damaged, LOL


You mean you don't have a backup diesel generator??????? :scream:


Did the vibration sensors trigger ?


It's Alaska in the winter time, it's never dark or cold :roll_eyes: who needs power?


You know, I'm pretty sure they didn't, neither did the glass break sensors. I think I need to purchase about 20 battery backups so my Google homes can announce the issues.

Would have been nice if they had announced the quake, I almost didn't notice it. :roll_eyes:

Edit: I stand corrected, glass break sensors DID go-off, and it wasn't a false alarm.


Dang man, glad your alright!


Now, patiently waiting for power and internet to come back online so I can pull up the nest cam footage!


You are on the forum so I am assuming everything is kinda OK. Hope things will get back to normal soon.


Yep, just sitting here waiting for power. Have a gas fireplace so heat isn't an issue. Looks like we were lucky compared to some parts of Anchorage:


Nah... just a little sink hole... :slight_smile:


Glad you and your electronics are fine...slightly worried about the big one in SoCal. We usually have earthquakes that we can feel every other year. But nothing has happened for the past few years so something could be building up.

I am still using ST at my main house that controls the valve for my fire sprinklers. So my internet needs to stay functional in the event of an earthquake. Have two Tesla Powerwall's on its way so power won't be an issue.


That I do believe is a violation of the ST Terms of Service.... shame on you.... :wink:


Um, good luck? :crossed_fingers:


Sounds like a failure in power supply redundancy.

I hope you are OK. I've only been near one earthquake and have no desire to experience it again. While I have a 20 KW generator, I suspect an earthquake would likely disrupt the natural gas supply.


Power is back on now, everything came back up (had to coax a couple of my zigbee sensors with a battery pull, probably just me being impatient).

Natural gas appeared to stay up during the whole ordeal, as did the water supply, at least in my area.


That is encouraging!
Take care!


Alright, after 70 or so aftershocks today, i'm thinking we should sell this piece of crap rock back to Russia! LOL




You guys are rocking like crazy up there !
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Stay safe.