Local only dashboard and Android App

I currently have 2 dashboard Home & Mobile

Home is for my Tablets installed in my walls at home and mobile is for my cell phone (less info just core stuff)

The challenge I have is using the android app on my tablet it defaults to the cloud dashboard option. How can I force the android app to use local and always load the home dashboard?

There are 2 links in the Dashboard app, Local and Cloud. If you are trying to access your dashboards outside of you network, you have to use cloud.

OK I get that, but if you read what I asked I need my tablet installed in my wall on my local network to always boot into the local dashboard, it does not it goes to cloud. I appreciate your response but please read what I'm asking

Is there a reason you want to use the mobile app to get to the dashboards? I'd just use the LAN link like the poster above might have suggested. It's a bit confusing since there are a couple ways to get to a Dashboard. (I'd also suggest not being rude, as you were, to other community members who are volunteering their time to help you.)

To get this link, go to the hub's admin UI in the browser of your choice, then navigate to "Apps" (not "Dashboards") on the left. Under Hubitat Dashboard, find the "child app" (under Hubitat Dashboard) that corresponds to the local dashboard you want to use, then copy the address for "Local LAN Link to Dashboard." Use that to create an icon on your home screen, a bookmark/favorite or homepage in your browser, or however you prefer to access the Dashboard. As an added bonus of doing it this way (especially the first), you won't get the clutter of the mobile app UI that you don't need if all you're using is a Dashboard, and you can also use full-screen browsers intended for "kiosk"-type situations if you want even less (Fully Kiosk Browser is a popular choice, but does require a paid license for some advanced features).

If you do want to use the mobile app, I'm not sure if there's a way to do this. But I'm not sure there's a good reason to use the app if this is what you want.

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Yes I want to use the Android app not a web browser on my tablet. A mobile app should have these types of features built in as the intent of a mobile app on a tablet just makes sense. Having the ability to specify a default dashboard and the mode it renders in just makes sense to me

If I was rude it was not my intention I was just trying to point out that I felt they did not read what I was asking.

But what advantage does the mobile app give that using a Dashboard directly won't? It already has an apparent disadvantage, as you discovered. It's pretty new and the way I described used to be the only way, so it's possible they could add a feature like this, but I suspect the app isn't a super-high priority, especially when there are other ways of accomplishing the same task. (I really only use the app for presence and notifications. I'll probably eventually use it for cloud dashboard access to easily check on a specific thing if I'm away.)

EDIT: for anyone reading this now, they did add a feature--when connected to your local LAN, the Hubitat mobile app will now default to local instead of cloud dashboards. I'd still recommend using the LAN link and forgoing the app entirely if you just want to display a dashboard on a tablet at all times.

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I prefer to use a single solution android app on all my devices, look at it this way also if I'm using my mobile, I would want it to default to cloud and my mobile dashboard.

For now I will just get by with the kiosk browser but its really not a good solution to have to use another piece of software because the app is not fully capable. It really would make sense to have this type of feature in the app

If your on wifi (network of your choice) then default to local and use y dashboard
If your on mobile then use cloud and use y dashboard

But you don't need the app on your tablet. The mobile app is intended for phones that move about (geofencing). Geofencing doesn't do anything for a tablet that isn't going to be removed from the house. Plus, you will not need to switch dashboards if the tablet is always on the local lan. So, you do have one solution....kiosk browser. You don't need to have the mobile app on your tablet. You're asking to make the mobile app into kiosk browser. Why? Kiosk browser is kiosk browser and the app is the app. The app doesn't have to do both jobs.

You seem to be missing the point, why should I have to use a 3rd party app to do something that really should be available in the android app

You don't need any third-party app, including the Hubitat app, at all. Just open the local URL in Chrome (if you're on Android) and use the "add to homescreen" menu item. :man_shrugging:t3:

No matter how you access it, the Dashboard is just a webpage--even if you use the app, it's just a wrapper around that. Find the method of accessing this webpage that works best for you. The app doesn't sound like that way.


I submitted similar ideas as feedback during beta testing. It’s in their request list but no guarantees.

Would be nice if the app allowed you to load a default dashboard at launch, auto detect cloud or local, worked in landscape mode and even integrated lan presence along with geofencing to help significantly with arrival departure detection.

Other than that if these are features you want now you will have to use 3rd party applications to get them.

I use FKB and the web page and find it actually has a lot more options to it that would probably never show up in the app such as having my tablet chime when doors open or using TTS. I also have a screensaver setup on it to display a slide show when not in use.

Unfortunately these are your options until they add in the features (if they add it in).