Local/cloud endpoint use? Just curious

This topic is about RM endpoints. That access token doesn't open Maker API, only the rule in question.

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RM endpoints? Never knew such a thing existed. Thought this entire thread was about Maker API. Sorry, everyone, if I got my wires crossed.

EDIT: Neat, now I see "Cloud End Point" and "Local End Point" listed as Triggers within RM. Definitely going to be exploring those one day.


Oh God yes please. If your going to do that you may as well make a fresh post for everyone to follow. That way others can reference it.

In the interim, you may enjoy these related threads...

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I have found that the benefit to using the RM endpoints is that one HTTP request can make multiple or complicated things happen. Maker API only affects one device. I use both options. I do recommend setting up both a cloud and local endpoint for each rule. Then, in Tasker, you can setup logic so that your Android phone will send the local endpoint when connected to home Wifi and use cloud endpoint when not. I also recommend that you setup those rules on your phone so you can cut & paste the URL into your Tasker Task.

If you have a iPhone, I offer my condolences. :smile:

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Like a dummy, I had been passing variable expressions from Tasker to HE via the Maker API, for the purpose of flashing a light whenever the smartphone rings. Similarly, setting the same VS to "On" via IFTTT whenever my Ring Doorbell rings.

I think using RM end points directly would make the process a little more streamlined (if only marginally "faster"). Always a new toy to play with!!

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