Livolo blind motor driver

Please please help.
I have purchased 3 x Livolo Zigbee blind motor units thinking that the "Generic Zigbee Shade" driver would work. However this was not the case.
The model I have looks identical to the Zemismart unit so I think if I could just modify this driver it would work.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

You can try the latest version of Zemsismart Zigbee Blind driver. If it doesn't work straight away, you can experiment with the 'Ádvanced options'.

Can you please post your device Model and Manufacturer values, as found on the 'Data' section of the device web page?

Thanks so much for the quick reply...
All I can find is:

Brand: Livolo
Model: VL-XJ001

This is what is shown in the Data section of Hubitat:

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It seems rather different than the rest of the motors supported by the Zemismart driver...

Please change temporary to the builtin driver named 'Device'. Then press the 'Get Info' button.
On the logs page there should be a line showing the device fingerprint. Please copy and paste the fingerprint Info log.

Sorry, do not understand this...
I have never seen a 'get info' button...

Change the driver here :

Then the Info button will appear

The fingerprint Info log will look like this:

Thanks for the detailed info but 'Get Info' button definitely does not appear.

When changing the device driver to the built in named ‘device’, did you press the Save button?

ooops, did not chage the driver to device...
However, the Log does not show as your sample
Please advise (I do not see 'Logs' button at the top of the page)

The Logs button is on the bottom of the menu that is on the left screen

Yep, that's the one I used...
Here is what I see:

Nothing relating to the Blind motor

OK, it is quite possible that even the 'Device' driver will show nothing with Livolo products ..

Sorry, the bad news is that Livolo products are not compatible with Hubitat and there is nearly zero chance to make these compatible in the future.

You can read some more information here : Trying to implement Livolo Wall Switches - #16 by abraham

I would suggest that you try to return the Livolo blinds back to the seller and get Zemismart ones, that are supported in Hubitat by a community driver.

The alternative approach would be to purchase an Livolo Zigbee hub and then try to control the motor using Amazon Alexa integration (supposing Livolo motors have an Alexa 'Skill' and integrate nicely with Alexa).

Hmmm, understand... very much appreciate your assistance and time spent.
Will try to return them... thanks again.

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this is what i'm also looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm, no good news I'm afraid.
After quite some time chatting to a very helpful Hubitat user (on this notice board) and lots of testing, we came to the conclusion that the Livolo devices are NOT compatible with Hubitat.
I have therefore already started proceedings to return the 3 I have to the seller.
Sorry for the bad news...

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