Living Scene Using RM 3.0

So I am attempting to use Groups/Scenes to recreate a Phillips Hue living scene. To do that, I created the Hue Formula and created 4 scenes.

I would think the next step would be to create a rule that would activate scene 1, then switch to scene 2, then scene 3, then scene 4 and then back to scene 1 . . .

How would I accomplish this so that my scene would transition every 45 seconds in the manner above.

One way looks like this:

Questions then are (1) how do your start it, and (2) how do you stop it. Lots of choices for those.

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That was my thought!! Let me try

So this worked. Sweet!! Anyway to accomplish a slow fading transition between each of the actions as opposed to a more harsh change of scene?

That depends. What kind of devices are these in the Scenes?

Hue. I know in ST transition had issues with Hue.

You can set transition time in the driver for the color bulb. That's as close to a fading transition as you're going to get.


What, you want change hue over time?

Yes. To create a subtle effect to change from Scene A to Scene B over the span of a few minutes so it always looks like the lights are moving.

Are all of the bulbs changing from - to the same colors? Or does each scene have multiple colors?

Each has its own color (or gradients thereof).

Each scene, or each bulb within a scene?

Each bulb within each scene.

What it would take is fairly difficult: Each bulb is independently transitioning between two colors, and each scene has multiple of these bulbs. It would take a special app that knew both start and end scene, figured out the various transitions, and then executed them all at roughly the same time. Like "Scene Transitioner". hmmm

I'm thinking about this, and it doesn't seem so daunting. It would be another app under Groups and Scenes. You'd pick the start Scene and the end Scene and a transition time. The two scenes would have to have identical devices. It would show up as another Scene, so if activated it would run the transition.


This is going to be supported in the next release with a new app, Scene Transition. You will be able to activate it just like a Scene from RM.


Thank you. Looking forward to that. Slowly moving all my scenes and routines away from All4Hue to my "Huebitat"!