Living in AU & use the Tuya based Wifi products

Okay so I bought a Hubitat Hub a few months back and was looking at selling it.

I live in Australia and use a few WiFi connected Tuya based products Mirabella Lighting, Anko Camera, Grid Connect Cameras and a few Kogan items like Diffusers and Dehumidifiers now my partner hates it all across apps and wants them to work if the internet is down but I can't get them across. Which from reading a lot it not overly possible. But I don't want to go and buy new products just right now but willing too over time.

Honestly I get obsessed and trying to to set things up take too much time and the partner, well he gets pretty annoyed that I shut the rest of the world out. Haha. So what I'm saying is I need help and ease trying to move over specially trying to get things in AU. ( Partner hates spending too much money).

Also on this note I was able to win him over to being a smart home is when I can automate his greenhouse with watering, opening windows, turning on fans and stuff so any advice on that would be great too thank you.

I'd rather not go to any other Hub seeing as I already have this one. Plus other question, we both like the idea of being able to control things and see cameras while away from the home.

Thank you in advanced.

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