Lithonia Puck Light (WF4 and WF6) Dimmer Recommendations

Curious if anybody has any Lithonia lights they've got on dimmers. We just renovated our kitchen and the lights are fantastic, but at night are incredibly bright.

The GE/Jasco dimmers I have don't work (especially on the WF6's). I don't have anything Lutron currently, so was curious if folks knew of a dimmer that works with these Lithonias'

The Spec Sheet indicates a bunch of Lutron dimmers that work, just curious if folks have another mileage to share

I have these fixtures, with Lutron RadioRA 2 dimmers.

In general, they work fine, including the minimum dim level for most rooms. I do wish they could go dimmer in my bedroom though.

Knowing very little about the Lutron ecosystem - where does one buy anything other than Casetta products? It seems like most of their product offering is through installers only - not what I'm interested in since I can do it all myself :S