List of Z-Wave LR Devices!

Here is my list of available Z-Wave LR (not 500 or 700) devices:
Hubitat - C-7 Z-Wave

Crickets.... Uncomfortable Strange Silence.... Eerie music in the background....


Ha.. Yes.. I keep checking the certified devices hoping someone will release something..


Well, zwave lr still isn't even 100% complete/certified yet. The intellectual property legal review was supposed to be done in July, which would then allow for official certification of devices, but I never saw if that was completed or not.

Yes vendors can get pre-certification, but I expect a lot of vendors will just wait until the official cert is available. Especially ones (like jasco) that don't like to do firmware updates post-release.

But who knows?


I read up on this process.. And have no idea why anyone would choose to do this to themselves..

That was my takeaway from it too, based on the little I could find on the process as a non-member.

But LR will hopefully be completely done soon, making it a moot point.


Didn’t they announce this just shy of a year ago? You would normally want to announce it and then back that up with actual products at CES. I guess due to Covid everything got shoved back… UGH! We’ve been putting off a project for a resort we are doing in hopes of using longer range and longer battery life.



Announcing versus it completing legal review, and have certification in place, and then certified products, are different things.

Everyone announces everything year(s) ahead of actual availability... Just look at "Matter".

But, yes, I'm sure COVID slowed it down too. As did SiLabs spinning zwave off into an open standard/group.


This is why Apple and Samsung doesn’t announce until they can get it in the market within a few months. The way zwave has done it only frustrates and upsets customers and worst integrators with customers asking for this “new technology they read about”.

Look at the automotive industry, Ford, GM, Honda, etc. all got into the “look at me” cars and the cars never make it out and now consumers are like, “Yeah, big deal, you won’t release it anyway, ho-hum.” and then Tesla comes out and say, “we show it we’re making it!” and now Tesla has a following like no others… So to summarize, don’t tell me what you MIGHT offer and show off something that amazing and say, “well maybe”… tell me, show me and make it available!!

FYI, the new ezlo controller is also a 700 series chip, and their marketing materials claim it will be upgraded to z-wave LR. So that's 2 devices - both controllers :slightly_smiling_face:


Have I missed anything since CES but there hasn’t been a lot of new devices released, some thread and “PR” but are any of you seeing LR devices out there?

Any updates to the lack of LR devices available today?

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