List of Incompatible Devices

Ugh. I finally hook up an Echo and install a GE fan dimmer, with the intent of being able to stealthily turn down the fan at night in "whisper mode" since my wife likes going to bed beneath a tornado, and THEN I actually research and find this thread!!

LOL on me. Anyway, my echo gives me an "ok" to "turn on bedroom fan", but as this thread seems to indicate won't respond correctly to anything like faster, slower, high, medium, low. Even when I say "turn off bedroom fan" the command will work, but then alexa responds with "sorry, bedroom fan is not responding" as it does with any of the speed setting type verbiage.

Ah well, I shall stay tuned!

Wait, why can’t you do this with Alexa routines? For faster and slower, trigger a virtual switch for faster, and one for slower that turns off after 1 second. Make a RM rule for each that adjusts the dimmer by a set amount up or down, depending on which virtual switch is triggered.

That's exactly what I did for my system. I have a CT-100 so I have a rule named 'Warmer' that increments the cool setpoint 1 degree, waits 5 seconds, and increments the heat setpoint 1 degree and the opposite for a rule named 'Cooler'.
I happen to also have a 'Google Home' so I can ask it: "Hey Google, what is Thermostat Temperature?" and it will say: "It's currently 75 degrees and heat cool mode is set to keep the temperature between 74 and 76 degrees" (it's in Auto Mode).
Not exactly the same thing, but...

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Try "Alexa, Set bedroom fan speed to high" or "Alexa, Set bedroom fan speed to low" -- I can't find any documentation on this, but it does seem to work for me as the magical incantation.

Thanks - but hasn't been working for me. On/off work (although I get 'not responding' as the voice response to one).

I'll research setting up virtual switches and try to let Echo/Alexa control "those" as a workaround method. It'll be a good experience for me to try at least.

If Hubitat wanted to support these, here is the fingerprint (hint, hint):

ID: 05A3
Manufacturer: Securifi Ltd.Gd�# /f�
Product Name:
Model Number:
deviceTypeId: 130
manufacturer : Securifi Ltd.Gd�# /f�
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0006,0B04,0B05
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application :
outClusters : 0000,0001,0003,0004,0005,0006,0019,0B04,0B05
initialized : true
model :
stage : 4

And here is a link to a thread about only pairing on certain zigbee channels (Mine only paired on 20):

And one about folks working on a driver that shows power (not working yet):

Hope this helps.

Regarding the Stelpro Ki STZW402+ Zwave Baseboard Line Voltage Thermostat 120V 240V...

I was kinda surprised that with 163 total messages in this thread no one commented on this thermostat? Has anything changed since Feb 2018 when you posted this? I don't see this device in the compatibility list and I have an electric baseboard heater I would like to control with my HE and this seems to be the only option.

Can someone please advise about this one asap? Thanks.

Give me to the end of day. I'm busy running cabling today but once done I'll move one of my StelPro over to Hubitat again to re-check/verify for you.

Thanks. When you say move it over to Hubitat, where is it running now? Just curious. I had a Vera and I am pretty sure they support this thermostat.

I run HomeSeer and ISY for most of my things and ZigBee in Hubitat.

I moved it over to Hubitat and it does include but with no name/information or driver assigned. You will need to name/label the device and change the driver to "Generic Z-Wave Thermostat". Afterwards do a refresh on the device. The full details of the temperature, mode, heating setpoint are brought up and you can adjust the heating setpoint.

@mike.maxwell, I've included the z-wave details from the include. If you can create a driver for this device that would be great as it currently is the ONLY line-voltage z-wave thermostat available for those of us with baseboard heating.

 ID: 08
 Manufacturer: 0239
 Product Name:
 Model Number:
 deviceTypeId: 12
 nodeId : 08
 deviceId : 0001
 manufacturer : 0239
 deviceType : 0001
 inClusters : 0x5E,0x86,0x72,0x40,0x43,0x31,0x85,0x59,0x5A,0x73,0x20,0x42
 outClusters :

Sure, but what driver does it work with, and does it work properly?

Works with the Generic Z-Wave Thermostat driver

StelPro is a heat only thermostat with NO fan control. All the fan and cool commands can be removed.

BTW - there is a SmartThings DH for it published by StelPro....

Except they are part of the thermostat capability...

Split it to a driver without? Any way to "hide" those so they don't show up as commands in the device page?

Not as long as it has capability thermostat, and without that no current apps will find it...

Well... that sucks... but either way the thermostat is functional in Hubitat. So my work is done :slight_smile:

At least maybe add the signature so it gets detected and the driver set correctly?

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is this list updated? so ecobee and synology surveillance station is not supported still?

thank you

Ecobee has native integration

"Official" supported devices can be found here List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation

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I was able to get the Sonoff S31 Lite ( working with Hubitat. I just used the Generic Zigbee Outlet Driver.

I am not sure how to get a fingerprint for it. If someone could explain that to me I will post it. This is the contents of the "ID" field:

  • endpointId: 01
  • model: S31 Lite zb
  • powerCluster: none
  • application: 08
  • manufacturer: SONOFF


When the device is detected, there will be a "Details" button. Click that and you will see the fingerprint which you can then copy and paste to a message. That would involve resetting to get into pairing mode, and then letting Hubitat detect it again. Don't worry, it will pair as a previously detected device, but you may again have to change the driver. It will give you the opportunity to see and copy the fingerprint though.