Linkind Matter Compatible Smart Dimmer integrates as a Switch

I'm working with a Linkind Matter compatible smart dimmer switch. When I add this device to Apple Home I have full control of the device as a dimmer and can adjust the level of the attached light using the Apple Home app.

I then paired the device with my Hubitat but the device type is set to "Generic Matter Switch". This only provides me with on/off control and doesn't allow me to adjust the level of the attached light.

If I manually change the device type to "Generic Matter Dimmer" I lose all control of the device. Control is regained by changing the device type back to "Generic Matter Switch".

I've reported this problem to AiDot/LinKind but haven't heard back from them yet. I thought I would also report it here.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for the help

Can you post the device fingerprint?
Manually change the driver to the HE inbuilt 'Device' driver and click on the GetInfo button - the fingerprint should appear on the live logs page.

Hi @kkossev

I've never done this before so hopefully I did it correctly. Here is the information I copied from the log

fingerprint endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0003,0004,0006,0008,001D", outClusters:"", model:"Smart Dimmer Switch", manufacturer:"Leedarson", controllerType:"MAT"

Let me know if you need anything else



You can search for Leedarson in the forum, there were also other problems reported with this Chinese brand...

If you are willing to experiment, you can try also the Matter Advanced Bridge package - as a 'side effect' it works also with native Matter devices. But the Matter Bridge package will be an overkill for a simple single device like this.

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Thanks so much @kkossev

I'll wait to see what AiDot/LinKind has to say about the issue.

Thanks for pointing me to the Matter Advanced Bridge package. I will definitely give that a try when I have some time I can dedicate to it.

Thanks again

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Isn't this the manufacturer for the new IKEA smart stuff? I am quite happy with both hardware and firmware quality on these.

Almost all smart home gadgets are produced in China nowadays... What makes the difference is where the devices are engineered and what is the product management process (or the lack of it).

How IKEA IoT products are managed is a good example - we were all pleasantly surprised by the OTA updates that they provided for their 10-year-old products.

Linkind is the lighting gadgets brand of AiDot - a reputable US company located in Santa Monica. They are also selling in Europe - there are a lot of LinkedIn-branded products on the German Amazon site.

Linkind Zigbee products usually have their own Zigbee ID: ZBT-xxxxx and Zigbee models starting with ZBxxx, ZS,... etc, What is strange in this case, is that the Matter bulb manufacturer is "Leedarson",

For me, this seems like a typical white-label approach - taking a product that is engineered and produced by someone else (using other processes and quality standards) and just putting the 'Linkind' brand label on it.

These are just my speculations; it will be interesting to see what AiDot's responses will be.


This makes perfect sense. My logic is flawed: if they do it right for IKEA -> they have the means and know-how -> they do it right for all their customers. In fact they try to sell you the Crappiest Acceptable Product (CPA) :slight_smile:

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Well, the answer from AiDot is that the functionality of the product is going to be dependent on how the ecosystem has implemented the Matter protocol. Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, and SmartThings each strictly follow the protocol and have the ability to, in this case, fully adjust the brightness of the dimmer.

So, they are saying that it comes down to how Hubitat has implemented the Matter protocol that is limiting the functionality of the device.

Given that Hubitat has only recently released support for Matter, this does make sense (especially since, according to AiDot they have tested the product with Apple Home, Google Home, Alexa, and SmartThings). I fully expect there will be some tweaking of Hubitat's Matter implementation as they release new firmware updates for the hub. Hopefully, this gets addressed in the future.

I also have an LinKind color changing bulb. I'm going to do some testing with that.

I just wanted to follow up on this thread. I tested a LinKind RGBW Matter compatible bulb with Hubitat. It worked perfectly. I could adjust color, color temperature, hue, level, etc. So, the problem just seems to be with the control of the Linkind dimmer.

@bobbyD, which of the developers handles matter fingerprint issues? It looks like the dimmer in question is being read incorrectly by Hubitat and only selecting on/off without level changes.

If you switch the driver to Generic Matter Dimmer does it function correctly in Hubitat, and then in Homekit?
If that's the case then its simply a fingerprint update needed on our end.

Thanks @mike.maxwell

Unfortunately, as I reported in my initial post, "If I manually change the device type to "Generic Matter Dimmer" I lose all control of the device. Control is regained by changing the device type back to "Generic Matter Switch"."

The dimmer does work perfectly in the Apple Home app and, I'm told by the people at AiDot, in the Amazon, Google, and SmartThings environments. I have only personally tested it in Apple Home, Hubitat, and the AiDot app.

Thanks again

Do you have a link to the specific device that you're having issues with?
I'm wondering if we've specifically tested this device.

Hi @mike.maxwell

Here is a link to the switch on the AiDot website:


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We've never tested these, i have a set on order.

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THANKS @mike.maxwell