Linked Rules - Query Regarding Pause or Stop [solved]

I have a master rule for my shades/curtains that triggers individual rules for each rooms shades/curtains. Those individual rules have no triggers, just actions. Question:

If I were to pause or stop one of those individual rules, what will happen when the master rule triggers and calls its actions? Will it ignore it (as I want it to) and do nothing? I'd like to leave a specific rooms shades closed while we are away and it would be easier if I didn't have to modify rules to do that.

I presume it'll log an error of some sort and just move on. I can test here in a bit if no one else knows off the top of their head and answers before then.

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I never thought of that (I'm lazy) I'll make two v small rules now one calling the others actions to try it.

It works as I wanted/hoped:

Logs from Sub Rule active:

Then after pausing the Sub Rule:

The main rule logs that it is running the actions but the Sub rule does nothing and doesn't error.

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