Linked hub not sending motion sensor state change to 2nd hub

As a bit of background, I've decided to add another hub for custom code/drivers and keep my original hub clean with just supported code (because it would slow up and crash and the rest of the household get fed up with lights that don't work properly, etc.).

So, I've just installed my 2nd hub and I'm looking to send the status change of a motion sensor connected to the original hub to the new hub.

I've linked the hubs and can see the device as a virtual motion sensor in the new hub but the events that I can see in the original hub are not replicated in the new hub so I can't use them as triggers there.

Any tips?

Which app did you use to link them?
I’m using HubConnect here with no issues.

Link to Hub on one and Hub Link on the other

I did use that at first prior to HubConnect being released, I don’t recall any issues. Have you checked the assigned driver on the remote hub, maybe it’s assigned the wrong one.

I’m loving HubConnect, have you gone too far to be able to give that a look over?

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it's a 3rd party app? Haven't gone too far...

I see that it's a community app. Will try it.

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forget hublink, I used it and it was poor and never updated events or offered reliable control. Now with hubconnect both hubs are lightning fast. It's a bit involved to install, but worth every minute.

Yep, it's working well so far! Thanks for the tip @Royski

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