Link Z-wave Lights to Lutron Wall Dimmer

Very new to Hubitat. I have moved most of my devices over from Wink, and just moved my Lutron dimmer/pico last night.

As I haven't messed around with Simple Lighting or Rule Machine much yet, I'm looking for a bit of beginner guidance. One use case occurred to me that I think would be cool to integrate:

In our kitchen, I have the Lutron in-wall dimmer controlling a set of pendant lights over the bar. I also have under-cabinet lights that I've installed myself using Z-wave outlets (on/off only), and they don't currently have a switch other than using Google Home integration (spoken or app). I was thinking I could use the state of the bar lights to control the under-cabinet lights. For example, if I press the Lutron "on" button at the wall (or if the lights go to 100%), the under-cabinet lights turn on, and if I press the Lutron "off" button at the wall (or if the lights turn off), the under-cabinet lights turn off. I understand that there are no button events with the in-wall dimmer itself, so I figure the state of the bar light would have to be used.

Is this something that can be achieved using Simple Lighting, or would I have to use the Rule Machine for this? Does the fact that this is a dimmer vs. a switch complicate the issue? Any other insight I might not be considering?


This is done very easily via Simple Lighting. I'm going to assume you have the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and your Lutron dimmer is already set up in Hubitat and you can control it via the edit device page. If that is not true, then that is step #1 before you can do anything else.

You simply select the Z-wave outlet as the lights you want to control. Select Turn On and then for the next option you pick Switch Turned On/Off. You then pick your Lutron Dimmer in the next option. It really is very simple when you get in there and see it.


Thank you very much for the prompt reply. Yes, the Pro Bridge and dimmer/pico are already connected to Hubitat, and I can control the dimmer using the edit device page and dashboard. So, if I understand you correctly, even though this is a dimmer, I can use it as a switch for the purpose of the Simple Lighting rule? Is it considered "on" for anything 1-100%?

If you look at the dimmer's edit device page, you'll notice that it also has the switch attribute in addition to the level attribute. That is because all dimmers are switches too. The only way to truly express the state of a dimmer is by talking about it's switch status and it's level. The level will not change when you turn the light off. You can have a dimmer with a level of 100 but the switch is off, so the light is off. That make sense?

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Gotcha. Makes perfect sense. Even simpler than I thought it would be. Now, to tackle the Pico button integration! :wink:

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