Link to HUE hub gone

Has enyone ever had this:
Updated to build, and after the Hubitat came online, the link to my Hue0hub was gone.
No matter what I did, the link would not come back online.
In the app section, the app sayed the app name, followed by (NULL).

The only thing I could do was de-install the app, all my HUE bulbs and install them again.
And ofc ajust every dashboard again.
Took me around two hours to get everything sorted again, and was not good for the WAF.

Wondering if it's a know issue or not.

Is it possible that the Hue hub changed IP address? Otherwise, you should have been able to recover by a database restore, I believe.

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The hub's adress was the same, just checked.

I haven’t seen this on my C-7 on any of the 2.2.4 releases (or any release prior, ever) with my Hue hub, and I haven’t heard of others reporting it. Sorry it happened to you.

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Just curious, I take it you could see the Hue hub from the Hue app?


Never seen anyone report anything like this w/any version of 2.2.4. Agree w/@scottgu3 - curious if the Hue hub is hehaving normally through the app. Does the Hue Hub have a fixed IP on your network?

Wonder if this is one of those odd if device A boots before B or device A was on while B was booting things. Maybe something to do with the order they were power cycled?

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Good thought. My hue hub almost never goes down....but if it did, I wonder if something like this could happen....interesting.

The HUE hub was acting normal as far as I could see. I could sill manage the lights from the HUE app and the switches.

Both my bulbs and switches are connected to the HOE hub, and Huitat connects to the HUE hub for automations.

After re-connecting the hub as a new bridge, and replacing all lights, the connection has been stable so far.