Link to a single switch on Android desktop

Is it possible to create an icon on Android desktop for a single switch?
I tried Hubitat Widget but it does nothing.

You could use Tasker. Create task shortcut on home screen and have it map to cloud endpoint via Maker on Hubitat


Cloud-based integrations are no go.
All controls must be 100% local.

sure, then use a local endpoint :wink:
Assumed you wanted cloud since you are using on android/mobile figured it was your phone and wanted it to work whether at home or not.

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Maybe you could use a Google Home shortcut widget... (after connecting your switch to Google Home) - but IMHO this would need the cloud.

Clouds are not welcome plus (or minus) I don't have Google Home.

Is this worth revisiting? When you tried, what happened? I recall that setup was slightly clumsy, but I have been using a widget to activate a switch for a long time.

Nothing happens.
I tried Hubitat Widget on my Galaxy S23 Ultra phone and Galaxy S7+ Tablet.
On the phone all what I got was a screen with Configure at the upper right conner.
And this was it.
On a Tab I got a list of my switches. So, I selected the one what I wanted to control.
All what I got - was an relatively oversized icon with switch name in it.
And that was it. This icon was not doing anything at all.
I was hoping, Hubitat Widget is exactly what I wanted to control a single switch
right from the Android desktop but this is not working on both my devices.
(I need this widget only on my tablet.)

The Configure screen is mentioned in my previous link. Another "gotcha" seems to be having the Hubitat app service running in the background. That is the extent of my recollection and technical knowledge on this, so hopefully someone smarter is on deck to chime in.

Enable maker API for the device, bookmark the local URL's for the switch and with your browser add those bookmarks to the desktop.

You'll have to have two of them, one for on and one for off. Probably less than ideal, but it's an idea.

You could probably use a virtual switch and a RM rule to toggle your physical device based on the virtual switch and have one bookmark /shortcut probably too.

Thank you, this works. I ended up with single desktop shortcut.
The solution is not ideal because now I need to add customization for the Desktop Icon
and figure out how to auto close (or even not to pop up) this url window.

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The only thing I can think of is if there is a curl like app for android that you can make a shortcut to pull that url in the background without it opening up a browser window.

I use a dashboard link from action tiles. I have a driveway gate that I need to open and close while in my vehicle. This is two button clicks to get my gate opening or closing. One click to open the dashboard and one click to open. The gate. Takes two seconds.

Thank you for the idea.
Actually I figured out, my Asus Router detects presence of every networked device
very reliably and very quickly. This way every networked device became very fast
Presence Sensor. That button in question was to initiate Good Night RM rule.
Now all what I have to do - is to turn off wifi on my tablet (this was done anyway)
and Good Night RM rule is triggered. As a result I don't need this button anymore.

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