Link Nest with Hubitat | Have Nest account


I understand Nest has changed their API and it's no longer an option to link Hubitat with Nest thermostat if you've linked your Nest account with Google.

I haven't linked my Nest account with Google yet.

Is it possible to link the Nest account with Hubitat if I have a Nest account (haven't linked Google)? I don't see the Nest Integration app available anymore.

Thanks. ))

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Not possible. An official integration never came to fruition because Google never approved it and then cut everyone off after that. There are community integrations though. Depending on the control you need and what supporting devices you have in your environment.

No perfect answers where that’s concerned I’m afraid. Many have dumped Nest Thermostats due to Google’s slow action in this regard.


Ok thanks. If anyone stumbles on this and has a link to "community integrations", I'd love see.

What devices are you trying to control? just Thermostat?

Yep. That's the only Nest device I have thank goodness. Just the thermostat.

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Here you go:

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That’s a tough one. Are you by chance a HomeKit user?

NST Manager doesn't work anymore?

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Good thought. :man_shrugging:t3:

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I see where @SmartHomePrimer is going vis-a-vis HomeKit.

Honestly, my suggestion would be to ditch the Nest and get a locally controlled zigbee or z-wave thermostat.

Edit: I did that a few months with an ecobee. Replaced it with a Honeywell t6 z-wave pro thermostat. I've got everything I had with the ecobee, including using sensors in each room to set a comfort profile.


I'm not.

I'll probably go down that same path.

Thanks you two....much appreciated.


When you mention sensors in each room to set comfort profile, are you talking some sort of actual Honeywell sensor with data flowing from sensor to thermostat to Hubitat or are you talking t-6 to Hubitat, zigbee or z-wave temp/humidity sensor to Hubitat? The logic could then be either Hubitat Rule Machine or like you and me logic in Node Red.

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I thought google said that some time in Q2 of this year they would be announcing a new program? I was kind of holding out for that. Have you heard that it is not going to happen?

I hope that is true as I have nest thermostat and a bunch of protects. I have managed to get them via home bridge, but would prefer a more direct integration

Yup. The ~10 rules I used to use are posted on the community, and my thermostat flow is available to anyone who'd like to have it. It is too big to post .....

Google finally got around to adding the long awaited APIs so people can do integrations with Nest devices again: Device Access  |  Google Developers


Have a nest coming, looking forward to linking it with Hubitat

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I am completely new to all of this and I see the page you linked to has a lot of code, but how is that implemented? Are there tutorials for that? Or if I am asking these questions does that mean will be easier to just switch away from Nest? hahaha

@greg16 see the link right above your post - this is to the Hubitat App/Drivers that I designed around Google's APIs - a bit convoluted to set up (thanks, Google) - but I've tried to document it as well as I can (some items where I linked to Google docs I could be more explicit, but I haven't prioritized the time to go back through and update :sweat_smile:). Hope this helps!

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