Link Generic ZigBee Contact Sensor Temperature to Location Temperature

Just a quick thing I noticed that, while minor, would be a "nice to have" especially to make it cleaner for less experienced users.

Could the Generic ZigBee Contact Sensor driver have it's preferences updated for the temperature change reporting to be based on the location.getTemperatureScale() of the Hubitat?

For example, mine offers values in C (which I understand, but many US people do not) when I would otherwise expect it as F. The default is "On 0.5°C change".

This could be switched to be "On 0.5°${ location.getTemperatureScale() } change" in the code (and would require a bit of tweaking where it actually sends the report request I assume). Just to test out something similar I made some preference changes to my ZigBee Test driver, and they show up and work just fine:

if( HasTemperature == true ){
  input( type: "enum", name: "Temperature Standard", title: "Register temperature in °C or °F?", multiple: false, options: [ "C", "F" ], required: true, defaultValue: "${ location.getTemperatureScale() }" )
  input( type: "enum", name: "TemperatureReportInterval", title: "How often to report?", multiple: false, options: [ "On 0.5 °${ location.getTemperatureScale() } Change", "On 1.0 °${ location.getTemperatureScale() } Change", "On 2.0 °${ location.getTemperatureScale() } Change" ], required: true, defaultValue: "On 0.5 °${ location.getTemperatureScale() } Change" )
input( type: "bool", name: "HasTemperature", title: "Does device have a temperature sensor?", required: true, defaultValue: "false" )