LinearLinc (GoControl) LB60Z-1 power on behavior

In troubleshooting my "Lights come on in the middle of the night" problem, I have discovered that when power is restored to these bulbs, they always come on at full brightness. I know for a fact that when I had these on SmartThings, after a power failure they would come on to their last known brightness, which was more annoying than remembering their last state, but my "goodnight" routine would set them to 1% before turning them off to slightly mitigate the effect of being woken out of a sound sleep by bright lights if power went out and came back on in the middle of the night. I could have SWORN they did the same with HE, and in fact since there are no configuration options that I can see, I thought this feature was baked in and not user-definable. I've tried every Z-Wave dimmer driver and can't find an option for this behavior. Can anyone offer an explanation on WHY it changed and how to change it back?