LinearLinc/GoControl LB60Z-1 LED bulb support

I am a new user who switched from OpenHab to Hubitat. I have a Zwave Plus GoControl/LinearLinc LED dimmable bulb. I had used it before with my OpenHab and AEON Zwave stick controller.
Hubitat is not discovering it though. I have gone through reset process multiple times.

Is this device supported? Any ideas how to get it to work with Hubitat?


Did you exclude the device from your OpenHab before you removed it or did you force remove? Try doing an exclusion within Hubitat first, then discover new devices. I'm willing to be it's still "searching" for your openhab setup.

use generic dimmer driver.

Z wave plus devices should use the Smart Dimmer drivers not the generic. There was a recent fix to make the smart dimmer drivers work correctly.

I tried factory reset the LED bulb per instructions manual (power off/on 4 times in 4 seconds) and verified that the LED did flash twice confirming reset.
How do I perform exclusion on Hubitat as LED bulb is not yet registered with it?

The device doesn't have to be paired with Hubitat to be "excluded" by Hubitat. Z wave works a little differently. Putting the hub into exclude mode and then "activating" the device basically resets the device to exclude it from any hubs that it was previously connected to. So, go into Z wave setting and put the hub into exclude mode, then do whatever you would do when trying to pair the bulb with the hub and the bulb should be "excluded". There's a lot of posts with more detail on how z wave exclude works and what is happening.

Thanks Ryan.
Will give it a try.


@Ryan780 Thank you.
Was able to exclude the bulb and add to network again.

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I just added a LB60Z-1 to Hubitat but it didn't assign a Device Driver. Should I use the 'Generic Z-Wave Dimmer,' 'Inovelli Z-Wave Smart Dimmer,' or another driver?


New to Hubitat from Wink and I have 2 GoControl bulbs that won't add into Hubitat. They did exclude OK and they will start to include but they stop on "Z-Wave Device Found, Initializing ..." and get no further. Any help is appreciated.