Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Won't Refresh Status [SOLVED]


I have a Linear Z-wave garage door opener paired using the Generic Z-Wave Garage Door Opener device type that won't update its status automatically. If I click 'Refresh' on the device page it does update, but it won't automatically update when the door opens or closes. I tried a Z-wave repair but still not updating automatically.

Any suggestions please?


In my experience, this will usually restore spontaneous reporting:

  1. Remove power from the Linear
  2. Wait one minute
  3. Restore power to the Linear
  4. Operate the door through one complete cycle using the garage door opener's wired control button

A complete cycle is fully closed -> fully open -> fully closed (or the reverse).

Note: during this procedure, make sure you do not press the include/exclude button on the Linear unit, and do not attempt to do anything with the Linear on the Hubitat.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, but didn’t work. In the end I removed the device, factory reset it and added it back. That did the trick.

@dennypage solution worked for me. I have a Nortek garage door opener. Bringing the post back from the dead in case someone else can use this easier solution.

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