Linear WS15Z-1 adding to my new C7 hub

I have 3 of these switches that are Series 300 and only z-wave.

I removed them from my old smartthings hub. I think I did it correctly.

Now I can not seem to get them to add to my C7.
They are only about 20-40' away.

I've tried putting my hub into z-wave exclusion and tapping my switch twice.
But I can't get them to add to the hub.

Anyone have any helpful input on what I can try.

Just in case that's a typo. After excluding you did a include, right ?

I followed the directions on how to exclude this device and did that.
No devices show up as being excluded.

I tried what you said and did an exclusion followed by an inclusion and nothing is found.

Really bummed, because I have about 5 of these z-wave switches.

Sounds like a 'standard' pairing problem. These are usually solved with some patience. Check to make sure the switch is not available to SmartThings. If ST sees it then it hasn't been excluded from ST. Then it can be included to HE. I don't know what chicken dance is required to get your switch into pairing mode but it's probably in the manual or better yet search the forum for you model number or brand.

I am also trying to "find" and include the same LInear wz15z switch and Hubitat will not discover it. Ive tried to exclude and it doesnt find it. I try to include and it still doesn't find it. Ive pout the Hubitat within inches and still nothing. Anyone have an idea ?

As a newbie, I am also having this issue... cannot exclude, or include for that matter... I have at least 4 of these...

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What did you try? Did you do the reset procedure below, or just try to exclude. Did you get the fast blinking described during the reset?

How far away are you trying to pair, sometimes you have to be fairly close to pair devices, although theoretically they should pair in place.

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