Linear/Vision Siren parameters

Does any one how how i can turn on only the strobe for this siren with the default driver?

I can send a custom command to the strobe to turn it it on or off but the standard on,off,1,0 don’t do squat.

Try leaving the “String value” blank. The “ON” string is causing you some issues I think.

That works to turn it on (this is part of a conditional action) but when the condition changes, it does not turn off.

Does it have an "off" command? For my Ring Keypad gen2, I send strobe to activate it, then just off to turn it off.

If that's not an option, seeing the entire rule, in its current state, plus the device page, would help folks to suggest alternatives


Sending the off does work. I was hoping there was a dedicated parameter for the strobe to go off as the siren turns off with the global off.

It will work for now though … i totally didn’t considet that :blush:

Depending on your use case, you could send off, then siren to turn the siren back on? Might be a short blip of silence :person_shrugging:

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