Linear GD00Z-4 garage door opens after hub reboot

Could you review Hubitat driver for Generic z-wave garage door opener. With Hubitat driver my garage door opens after hub reboot. I think started to happen after one of 2.x firmware updates, not sure which one exactly. I ported today z-wave garage door opener from ST, with that driver works well so far . At least door will not open after hub reboot...

I have a GD00Z-4 for a couple years now and through hundreds of reboots of ST and my other controllers, I've never once seen this problem. I've rebooted Hubitat earlier today, part of the .118 update, Garage Door stayed closed.

I have 2 GD00Z-4's on HE, and neither has ever opened without being commanded to. Not on a hub reboot, nor on any other trigger,

Are you sure you don't have some logic somewhere that could do this? If you look at the device page it will show any RM or apps that can write to it...

I am really puzzled now.. I never ever had any trouble with controller on ST. But unfortunately with Hubitat, my garage door opener is acting up almost from day one. For some reason it would report open/closed, like 20 times in 10 minutes out of nowhere, then it just continue to work normally. Happens once a month, happened also last night. Then, door started to open after reboot. Changing driver solved, open after reboot problem, but apparently did not solve, false open/close even reports. I did try removing, device from Hubitat and pairing it back, I also placed z-wave plus switch 2 feet from the opener. Still...

The only logic I have to command garage door to open when I arrive home. But, if opener receives external command after reboot, but that would not happen with different driver?

Did it pair securely to HE when you paired it?

Can tell by looking for this in the device details page: zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true

That should be in the "data" section near the bottom.

And what do the logs and device events show when the door opens unexpectedly? Should be able to figure out if an app did it from the logs.

Yes, I did pair securely.

@JasonJoelOld thank for the tip. I think I did figured out why door opens after reboot. But then another issue comes into play. I have ST arrival sensor in my car. Apparently, that sensor reports departure /arrival on hub reboot, ignoring 2 minutes presence time out...
Still does not explain issues with false door open/close reports...

Does you opener always reports state every 30 minutes even if state did not change?

While it does not show up in the device event log, my units check in every 20 minutes - per the system logs.

I wonder why it is different for me.
It does show in device even log . every 30 minutes.

But, I see nothing in System event log. Maybe I don't know where to look...

Is that with the built-in driver, or your ported one?

Built in on the screenshot. But they both report same way.

Who knows? Maybe different firmware levels/revs...

What do you see in your system log? I see only ssdpTerm . Am I looking in wrong place?

Right/wrong place for what exactly?

For the checkin messages, those would be in LOGS (not system events) and you should be able to go to Past Logs and see the device.