Limit activation under these conditions persists even if removed from app

I modifies an RL app to remove a Limit Activation switch (TestDull) but the app is still 'Disabled'.

How to re-enable it?

I had a similar issue with switch that disabled the rule. I removed the switch when the app was disabled and couldn't figure out how to re-enable it. But what if you add a trigger back in to enable it, like a virtual switch, and then fire the trigger? The app should be re-enabled. Once the app is re-enabled you should be able to remove the switch.

Thank you for your reply.

In the end I deleted the app and reconfigured from scratch and all was well.

Hopefully, support will pick up on it and check their 'housekeeping' when items are removed to resolve the issue.

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@bobbyd If you have a device that disables activation of the room lighting child app, and then you remove that device from the room lighting child while it is still disabled, the room lighting child stays disabled. It's not really a bug, just a thing. Maybe it could be addressed in a future release either by some edit validation or maybe even as simple as adding an "enable" and "disable" button to the edit screen along with the current activate, turn off, and update buttons? Just a thought that might help brad-proof the app :slight_smile:

This 'feature' will be fixed in the next release. If/when you remove the last Disable Activation or Disable Turning Off selection, and hit Update or Done, the app will be Re-Enabled.


Good news and thank you.

Something as complex as Room Lighting must be very difficult to test all possibilities.

The lighting apps provide the only flexible way to offer so many options for control from basic to most complex.

Thank you once again.