Lights turning on for unknown reason

Two nights in a row, i've come home and 3 lights have come on. There are no rules to turn these lights on and while the Events list tells me when they came on, None of the logs show why.

Any advice?

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Type of device (zibgee, z-wave), are they in groups, etc.

And actually, on the current release of the firmware I was having this issue with a couple of Zigbee bulbs. This seems to be fixed in the upcoming release though.

This also happened to me this week. I am traveling out of the country and the lights coming on set off some cameras. Several of my lights had switched on by themselves. The are all leviton z-wave in wall switches. Some in groups but others not. Altogether about 4 lights. I’m away so can’t view logs, but will check them when I get back next week.

They are Sylvania SMART+ Smart Lightstrip (Zigbee)
There are 5 in the group but only 3 turned on.

Type is set as: Generic Zigbee CT Bulb (dev)


I had three Eria brand CT bulbs in a group installed in a bathroom light fixture. The one on the right would come on at odd times. I swapped them with some Hue brand bulbs and the problem went away. Even the offending bulb behaved in its new home. After a little experimenting I found that one bulb was real sensitive to bad wiring and would think the power was out for a moment. That brands default bulb behavior is to come on at 100% in that scenario. I've been replacing bulbs with Sengled brand RGBW bulbs ever since. Stable, doesn't mess with my Zigbee mesh, and they have better CT range.

This is almost exactly what mine were. I had Sylvania SMART+ cans. They may use the same zigbee radio even. I have a feeling this will resolve for you next patch. If it doesn't, I would perhaps try them with a different driver. Mine are RGB and I use the "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light" driver.

Thanks. When is the next patch?

They don’t usually announce platform updates ahead of time. But when they do, they’ll post in the news category.

I find the connectivity and reliability of Sylvania to be an issue regardless of the hub controller.
On SmartThings and Hubitat the device would randomly disconnect. And I have a strong ZigBee mesh.
Swapping out the Sylvania ZigBee controller for a Zooz Z-Wave RGBW controller has resolved my issues.

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@EVOXGSR That is not true. With Wink, my Lightify bulbs and strips were rock solid and never fell off the mesh. Only when I transitioned to HE did I start having issues. All were up-to-date with current FW. The community stated they are "poor repeaters", that may be the case but I believe that there is something fundamentally different in the HE ZigBee implementation/stack which cause these bulbs/strips to be problematic. Instead of fighting the instability, or worse yet, replacing 100s of dollars of lights, it was cheaper to buy a second hub and migrate the Lightify devices to it. Actually, I've only migrated the ones that were having issues and utilized HubConnect. So far so good. I really wish the Hubitat team could clearly explain why they work perfectly with one platform and not another. Hope the OP resolves their issue.

Thanks. I did not have any issues when they were on ST

For some reason, HE doesn't play well with Lightify, GE Link or Cree. I have such a heavy investment in the Lightify bulbs/strips that it was cost prohibitive for me to swap them all out and cheaper to get a 2nd HE hub and use HubConnect. I also had 3 GE Links and one Cree bulb. I gave my Links to my brother and pitched the Cree as it refused to factory reset. You should also try to use the Generic RBGW driver vs the CT Bulb as a test. If you have a heavy investment in Lightify, it may be best to get a 2nd HE hub or use HubConnect along with SmartThings

Thanks. I may move them back to ST if the driver change doesn’t work

You'll need to set up HubConnect to link HE to ST … check the forum for an extensive thread on the subject. Note, Hubitat is having a sale now on their hubs (today is the last day), so that is another option as well.

That was the first thing I did. Slowly moving devices over :wink:

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My Osram, Sylvania and Cree bulbs were just as bad on ST as here.

The upgraded firmware did not help.

And, of course I’m out of town and can’t do anything about it.

What lamp firmware are you on? This sounds much like a issue I had 3 years ago before they brought out the latest firmware. If they were on ST and you had firmware updates enable they should have got the latest, but it will tell you the firmware on the device page. Annoyingly though HE doesn't show this in there drivers.

Also within HE if you go to the device page of the lamp that is turning on and at the bottom there is a "In use by" bit, this will hopefully show you what might be turning on the lamp.

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Can you update the firmware in HE? It’s only 3 of my 6 lights acting up.