Lights Turned On. Rule False


Look @Ryan780 we are all learning in this community. Sometimes it will be frustrating to try and help. It also doesn't help when something isn't working right due to bugs in the system that we haven't found yet. Try to be patient with people.


Then stop blaming me! I'm only answering the questions you're asking. listen to your own advice and try and be patient with the people helping you.


I will put the FALSE Action to turn off the lights on this Piston again. The problem with these two pistons has been exasperated by the fact that they also weren't working due to the 12:00am bug.


But that means that at 9:30 they will shut off which you said you don't want. I think you need to break it up into 2 rules if you want two different sets of actions for true and false. If you want them to turn off in the morning but not turn off at night, the easiest way would be to break them up.


I have been very patient with people helping me and very appreciative.


This is a different piston not the UnderCabinet Lights OFF/ON piston. I just want the outdoor lights to go off at 11:00pm in this one.


You have them both in your last post and you didn't specify which you were going to add it to.


The lights for the Undercabinet ON/OFF piston will go off when another Piston called Good Night Routine runs. I will add the OFF in the FALSE Action for the Outdoor Lights ON/OFF.


I did the latest update yesterday but the lights are still going on at midnight. And they aren't going off at sunrise -30. It says that the rule turned false at 7:13 but the lights are still on.


@bravenel hasn't responded yet to the issue I raised. It is the weekend after all so I wouldn't expect anything yet.
I don't think the latest update referred to this issue.
Sorry to be a pain but could you post your rule again. It would be good to see it after you amended it.


Oh, OK, I thought that I read that it was part of the fix in the update. Just checked the update fixes and it only says RM fixed a bug in schedule at sunrise/sunset.


The issue I raised in this thread is lights turning on at Midnight if multiple options for days are in the conditions.


Yep that is what is happening but also having issues the sunrise.


No, I have not gotten to this yet. In the meantime, you said this can be made to work by breaking it into two rules, so you should do that.

@pcgirl, What is the issue you are having with sunrise?


Yes thanks.
That's what I've done.


It is funny because I did have two rules and I was trying to be more efficient and have less rules so I was trying to put them together. I think I need to break this one into two because I think that the condition of the lights going off after sunrise -30 isn't working because I don't have a FALSE Action in this piston. I will break it apart and see what happens.


I don't have a false action because I have another rule that dims these lights at 8:00pm and then another rule that turns them off when we go to bed.


Rules are free and follow the KISS principle.


Yes, that is TRUE!


Can I ask why you didn't do what I suggested 2 days ago.
It is not an issue with sunrise not turning the lights off.
You still don't have a false condition to tell them to turn off.
Devices are not physic. :wink: