Lights turn them selfs on

They are OSRAM Tunable White GU10, (Model Number: PAR16 50 TW, deviceTypeId: 408) They worked with ST and ConBee II and Phoscon app just fine? I am using Homebridge v2, and an RP to connect to Homekit, but nothing in the HB log either to indicate what's happening?

Nothing in the habitat log tells me why, really trying to get on with habitat, but not a great start.

(update it's definitely coming from habitat, as I've unpaired one light, re-added it to HB and HK, that light stays off, the others turn on after about 30 seconds for no reason???)

I had a similar problem with lights turning on randomly around my house. I would turn them off and they would turn right back on. Then I remembered that I have a vacation lighting webcore piston running that i forgot to switch off when I returned from vacation. LOL.. Probably not helpful for you, but I appreciate your frustration.

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Usually my first suspects are Alexa or GH as they have a habit of activating their hunches feature and turning lights on/off based on what they think is desired.


Are the lights grouped? Is Zigbee Group Messaging enabled? Is on/off optimization turned on?

What Ap are you trying to use in Hubitat to control these lights ?

Hi, No groups, or Group Messaging and therefore no optimization, I have un-paired and re-paired the lights in question (bar one*), and seam.... for now, to be ok? but this was after I removed one* light, and no use that back in the SM app. Thank you!

I am using Homebridge and Homekit on iOS. Cheers

Hi, Not using any of them, just Homebridge to Homekit. Thanks

I did see that, but didn't enable it, as I have no idea what it is, very new to hubitat! and cheers!

It always happens when I add something new? it was working, I added a plug, then suddenly the lights come on by themselves....?

I have now added them all back to the Phoscon app, which just works no problem. maybe I am missing something...?

Is this z-wave related? I have a z-wave fan that also comes on for no good reason many times in the day. Latest SW. Started a while back on another release....

Hi, no they are Zigbee, just can work this one out, maybe my lights are incompatible with hubitat?

Still dose this, so have moved them back to SM, shame as I really want to use hubitat, can’t get my virtual thermostat working either, so so far hubitat has need a bit of a letdown. It’s no only being used for two buttons… seams a bit excessive! Lol!

Try turning on the logging options in the device edit page for the lights, you may get some hints there. When you say you are using Homebridge to Homekit to control them, is there an app on your Hubitat to allow this to happen (I'm not familiar with this myself)? If so, perhaps try turning on logging within that as well, or whatever is providing the link to the lights when paired with HE.

Also, when you say they turn on after 30 seconds for no reason, does this only happen when you pair them, or randomly well after the pairing process is completed?

Hi, and thank you! it was random after pairing also, it is only the OSRAM Tunable White GU10 lights, my other lights didn't do it at all, so I kind of think it might be their compatibility with habitat?

I am using Homebridge v2 by @tonesto7 but don't think it's that as the logs in HB just say something like, "light turned on by habitat", I might re-pair one and try your suggestions when I am feeling brave enough again.

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Only reason I ask about the pairing was that I know when I transitioned my already paired Philips Hue lights to the new Advanced Zigbee drivers they went through a process of testing various features of the light, including colour tests, leaving the lights in an odd colour, but it only happened when setting them up, not at other times.

Hopefully the logs will show something up...

Thank you @sburke781 I now have worked out what it was, it's Adaptive lighting on homekit that makes them randomly turn on and off, all sorted by not enabling that!! :slight_smile:


Yep... I setup Homebridge earlier this week and encountered the same problem. Any Hubitat connected light that had Adaptive Lighting enabled would randomly switch on throughout the day. I had to disable Adaptive Lighting to get this to fixed. Thanks for the suggestion/solve.

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