Lights on dashboard wont go off

hi, i have this to lights to go on/off with sunset and sunrise. and with a light sensor dim to 1% or if motion is detected go up.

so i dont know why they appear on dashboard as on, when they are currently OFF, if i click on off on dashboard they will go ON and OFF imediatelly

but i dont know if there is something wrong on the rule



I've noticed this as well. Switch said off but dashboard switch is showing as on or sometimes switch and dashboard shows off but the switch is on (lights are on). I think there is a bug in Hubitat somewhere.

Do they show the status correctly if you look at the device's settings page instead of the dashboard? If they don't have the correct status there, then the dashboard also will not function correctly. Look at "Current States" while controlling the bulb from the device settings page.

Also, what driver are you using, did you try a different one and see if that helped?

Which device, and did you try the device page like I outline above?

OK, just yesterday, it was showing off in device settings but I've noticed that the (landscape) light's were on. I didn't bother looking at the dashboard at that time.

Today, Light's were off, under device settings shows off but dashboard shows on.
I'm using GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch driver.

But for what device exactly? (model number) There are dozens of GE/Jasco/Honeywell switches, and many don't take the same driver.

GE 14298 is the switch that I'm using.

I don't think switch is the right driver. At least I suspect it is not.

Did you (or could you) try the Generic Zwave Outlet, or Generic Zwave Plus Outlet drivers? Change the driver, and hit "configure" on the device setting page.

You could also try to hit "configure" with the current Enbrighten driver, and see if it improves how it works. But I suspect the outlet drivers are more likely to work correctly.

Good point on switching to Generic driver. Let me try that.

No go. I's not updating the status at all unless I click on refresh. Looks like works best on none Z-Wave Plus.

But it doesn't explain why it's not updating on dashboard as @floresleal said.

@floresleal Your rule shouldn't meter, dashboard should update when status of the device is updated.
Also I've noticed that you are using Zooz 4-in-1 sensors. If your hub is C7 (works OK I gues with C-5 and earlier model), remove them from your network and trow them away, they will trash your Z-Wave network. Learned it the hard way, you can search here for more info.

Probably an inaccurate explanation, but the driver sends this info to the dashboard. If the driver is incorrect, it might not send any or an incorrect status to the dashboard. I have had this exact scenario happen with a wrong driver, and there are others on the forum that have had it too.

It could be that none of these are correct drivers for this device. Far as I am aware, it won't hurt to try a few different Zwave switches and outlets to see if any work correctly. If not, you might want to contact support and see if they can help, maybe there needs to be a new driver?

I understand what you are saying but, with some development background, I understand that the driver is sending this information/state to some sort of storage (database or a file, I'm not sure how HE handles it) and the dashboard retrieves that state from that storage. When the switch is off or on, both the state under device config page and dashboard should be the same but it's not always the case and that's our issue. It gets out of sync somehow.

yeah i have the C7, so i should be fine right? i havent seen its status on the device page. tomorrow morning ill do check it and post.
im pretty sure the ELSE is doing something here because thats the only place where i have it setup to turn them o bright them up to 80%, all the other rules i change that number to try and detect where the issue was or was being generated.

Yeah, you would want to remove those and NOT use them with C-7. Even HE official List of Compatible Devices says that they are "Not compatible with Model C-7 ", which is sad, I have like 15 of those.

As far as your if else, I think you have an extra END-IF there

so today dashboard didnt show them ON. its like when you go to the dr. once you get there you feel good... ill keep posted tomorrow if i see that discrepancy again.

hi all
its ON on dashboard and OFF on the device list....

I am having the same issue with my iBlinds. I am using the HAB driver. 4 out of my 5 will show correctly but one of them refuses to turn off/ show closed on my dashboard. I have added and deleted them. Moved them around. Tried changing the temple. It didn't matter. The same blind would show open even through it's real state was closed.