Lights not turning off

hello i keep having this issue

show light is off

but light is on and noting will shut it off :frowning: I cannot find a "turn off even if already off" like i did to make sure my lights turn on

sometime it would say "not turning on already on" however the light is off

not sure what is going on. or why its Hubitat think light is off when it is clearly on

trying "refresh" doesn't work if i manually turn it off the command does work (or on)

It might help to diagnose if we knew what app this is, along with the device brand/model and the driver that this device is using.

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Did you recently have a power failure or glitch of some kind? I say this because something like that happened to me last night. The issue (I think) was the switch got confused between the physical on/off and the "logical" on/off. My solution was to slowly physically toggle the switch on/off several times until it started working.

Not sure this will work for you but thought I'd mention it.

no this switch has been fine for 3 ish years

I recently added a bunch Zigbee devices and more automation and this started happening

it is not just happing with this switch even zigbee only a few feet from hub are doing this too

I have enterprise WIFI in my house and i turned off channel 11 to prevent interference to ZigBee

I was having this issue with "on" also but setting "turn on if already on" in all my lighting rules has fixed that.

Ah okay - thought this was a one-off situation also did not know it was a Zigbee switch - mine was Z-Wave+. :thinking:

the switch above is Zwave, but other Zigbee stuff is also doing this same thing "not turning off already off" even though they are on

Shutdown your hub from the settings menu. Unplug power to the hub (at the wall not hub) for 5 mins and power back up.

Any new additions to either zigbee or z-wave?

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Jeez you can barely see that screenshot. It still doesn't answer the question of what model the device is, or what driver it is using.

Ok, maybe you have an app or device that has gone off the rails? Maybe give us some more details about what "more automation" or devices recently you added?

I have added a bunch of Zigbee Light bulbs (Sengled) and some NYCE motion stuff

I have added a bunch of Zigbee Light bulbs (Sengled) and some NYCE motion stuff. and some plug in repaters for zigbee (needed for zigbee my z-wave network is pretty good)

nothing zwave

there is nothing being reported as an "alarm"

I added some lighting automation with the built in lighting app and couple buttons.
this light has always need a motion lighting automation I only added another motion sensor

will try this

Sengled doesn't repeat so you need repeaters to stabilize

i have repeaters (and some of the light are 5 FEET from the hub)

Still the light in the screen shots above is z-wave been installed 3-4 years never had issues like this before

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Is it shutting off via the device page?

Yes it works fine

i left it unplug for like and hour by accident (lol) ill see what it does over next few days

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so far its seems to have helped

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