Lights Not Turning Off After HSM Intrusion Disabled

Hello All,

Yesterday when I was testing HSM intrusion rules, when I dis-armed HSM the lights that came on with the alert would turn back off, which was very nice. This happened several times, however today the lights just stay on after disarming.

Any Ideas?


Were the lights on before the intrusion happened?

No these were lights that were off and triggered in HSM to turn on, then when disarmed they all turned-off for about half a day in 5 or so tests.


I have lights that trigger on when HSM triggers, but with anything else, wouldn't that just be considered a type of rule, really? Once it's disabled, wouldn't your rules just kick in and business as normal? That's what I would almost expect of the system. It's acknowledged, so let's move on with our day. Since most of my rules turn off my lights when system is in normal mode. Is this something that might be inferred since the alarm was acknowledged?

HSM is supposed to work like a scene. It is supposed to capture the state of the lights selected before it alarms and then restore them to the pre-alarm settings after the alert is cleared. I know @bravenel worked on a few bugs with this earlier this year or late last year but it has been working for me no problem. Then again, I don't get alerts all the time so I don't know if it still works. He would know if anything changed in that area though.