Lights not dimming or turning off

I have this basic rule to dim and turn off my kitchen lights in the evening.

When Time of Day is 7:30 PM ...
Dim LR Ceiling Lights, Stair Dimmer, DR Track Lights Dimmer to 30
Wait until Motion Sensor 1 (Kitchen) motion stops and stays inactive for 10 minutes, then ...
Turn off DR Table Pendant, Kitchen Sink Lights, DR Track Lights Dimmer, Kitchen Work LIghts
Dim Kitchen Island Lights to 5

Say we leave the kitchen area before 7:30 and there is no motion at all after that. It seems as if there is no motion during the "wait until and inactive for 10 minutes" period, nothing happens with the lights. Obviously I'm missing something, but I cannot figure it out. Help!

My guess would be that the "Wait until Motion Sensor 1 motion stops" is waiting for an event. Without motion being active after 7:30 there won't be a corresponding "stop" event. Turn on rule logging to be sure. This could be handled in Rule Machine as it gives you the option to Wait for a state which would handle this scenario better. I suspect Room Light would also be a good option.

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Can you post a screen shot of the actual rule?

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As requested

That was my thought too, but wanted to confirm.

You said above you are leaving the kitchen before 7:30. Since you rule fires at 7:30 my guess is the wait isn't happening since there was never motion to begin with for a 10 minute window to count down. Depending on where all those lights are maybe a second rule would help or just moving this to a different app where you can fine tune things a bit more?

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I would use one of the lighting apps, like Room Lighting to do this.

Thanks, I'll give these suggestions a try.