Lights for night operation

does anyone know if its possible and how to make a plug (lamp) turn on only if certain motion sensors activate in a certain order.

the reason for this is i got motion sensors downstairs and my cats and dog triggers the lights during the night.

can anyone make a suggestion?.... apart form getting rid of the animals lol

I have this rule to test what side of a door I am on when I close it. Might give you ideas

first motion sensor active

wait for second motion sensor (time out 1 min)
if second motion sensor is active then
turn on light

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My dog is not allowed to leave the bedroom after bedtime for just that reason. I don't want him wandering around the house turning the lights on. He's pretty smart, and learned this "rule" quickly.

Wouldn't help with cats, though. :grin:

I look at this way. Our cats are part of the family too, so if they wanna walk around at night and turn lights on and off so be it. :slight_smile: