Lightning strike

I recently had a lightning strike on my home. Several devices fried that were directly connected to my LAN (wireless router, modem, alarm motherboard, etc).
I am wondering if my Hubitat Hub was damaged.
I am able to open the hub and access all the areas.
One problem I am having is that I can not edit my dashboard. I've read and read and see no button for editing.
Any help would be appreciated.

If you have the standard built in HE Dashboard:
In the standard HE window, click Dashboard on the left. That will show all the dashboards you have
Then click on the one you want to edit.

  • To add a tile, click on the plus sign in the upper rith
  • To remove a tile, click on the three dots to the upper right of the tile. A pop up will come up and at the bottom right there is a button to delete the tile


So sorry to hear about a lightening strike. It can be devastating and the damage continues to show up months after the initial strike. I have as much isolation between the outside and inside with both whole house surge and isolators/protectors on any ethernet and internet services that run from outside to inside. Electricity will always find a way to travel on the path of least resistance.

Even with all that protection a strike on my property about 10 years ago found a old site lighting wire to travel up that the builder put in and disconnected it from the panel except for the ground. Lets say two UPS's, furnace board, RS422 serial hub, washer board, and oven board all took the bunt of the strike. The UPS's were dead, the serial hub blew 4 of the 8 ports, The oven and washer board didn't fail until about a month after the strike.

Per recommendations from the HE community, I went with ethernet surge protectors

Coaxial Lightning Arrestor Surge Protector on the coax from the ISP

Gigabit SingleMode Fiber to Ethernet Media Converter to break the copper path to the router


^^^ Read that thread ^^^

I had a nearby lightening strike and replaced everything that was damaged. Yet, I still had a few things randomly fail weeks later (like the ethernet port on a server PC). Proactively look for anything acting flakey in the next few weeks.

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