Lighting using motion sensors AND schedule

I have a simple use case I can't figure out how to do. I have some lights that I want to run on schedule in the evening (e.g. ON at Sunset, OFF at 11PM), but from 11PM until sunrise I want them to come on for a few minutes like a motion activated nightlight.

I'm already using instances of Room Lighting to run some lights on a schedule, and others using a sensor, but not both. I'd like to do this in a single instance of Room Lighting, is that possible? Or will I have to use multiple instances or fall back on Rule Machine?


Sounds like two instances of room lighting would be best. Thats exactly what i have done with my outside lighting.

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Go with two instances. Making is simple is best.


Thanks @jason12 and @Sebastien, I'll give that a shot. I just wasn't sure if there were any potential issues having multiple instances.

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The general advice (from the HE founder who created Rule Machine and Room Lighting) is to focus on simplicity. Two focused RL instances will be easier to create and maintain/update, and using two won't put any additional load on your hub. Win/Win.

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