Lighting transitions don’t transition

I’ve been struggling trying to get transitions to work for some time now. All that ever seems to happen is the lights will wait until the end of the transition period and then just turn on to the end state. The only exception to this is when using device transitions, on some devices that happen to support it they will take the allotted time specified.

In this example I’m using a lighting app transition that is meant to go from all lights off to lights on at different brightness levels. I have a mix of cocohue connected bulbs, direct zigbee bulbs, and Zwave dimmers in this transition. Regardless they all just wait the 20 second transition time and then just turn on full brightness. Attached are the logs when I manually activate the transition, and the transition states.

Through further experimentation I have found the following:

Transitions never work right from an off state. If the light is dimmed to 1% it will transition, but not if it is truly off.

Transitions outside of the “create transition” special mode for light transitions don’t work. If I have a normal light automation where I choose under “additional activation options” to “use transition for activation”, the transition is ignored regardless of if the light is on or off.

Device transitions only work on a couple of devices that I have, and definitely not for cocohue lights, which is too bad since these are reliable and smooth. Wish there was a list of what devices support smooth transitions so I could make sure to buy them in the future.

I will look into this.

This problem with transitions from off is fixed in the next release, now in beta. You can join the beta program if you want to check it out.

Awesome! Thank you for looking into this and fixing so quickly

Testing the new patch seems to have solved this issue, however it has uncovered that the same issue happens in reverse. IE, for both device transitions and programmatic transitions, if the scene is telling the light to turn off it turns off instantly, but if telling it to dim to 1% it will transition correctly. It seems a similar command needs to be in place to tell it to dim to 1% using the transition then sending the off command if wanting to slowly dim to an off setting.

You have to post screenshot of the app setup page and app logs.

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