Lighting Rule

I've got a pretty simple rule that turns the outside lights on at sunset and off at 10:14PM. I have another rule that turns on the outside lights from 10:15PM to Sunrise if the garage door is open, then turns off the light after the door is closed for 4 minutes.

I'm looking for some guidance on enhancing this a bit.

Is there a way to bridge the gap so if the door is open before 10:14 and is still open, the lights won't turn off, but will turn off if the door is closed for 4 minutes?

And could all of these things be accomplished in one rule?

Any help is appreciated.

It's probably possible to do this all with one rule with a little fiddling. But if you keep them as two rules it would probably be pretty simple. In the first rule you could check and see if the garage door is open at 10:14 before turning off the lights. The second rule would then pick up at 10:15.

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@jasonp9 I have something like this setup for my front door. My first rule turns on the light at sunset but it doesn't turn it off. I let the second rule do that. The second rule I would restrict to run between 10:11 and sunrise. I would set it up with two triggers, one for door open, and on for time = 10:11. If the door is closed at 10:11 the light will go off at 10:15. If the door is opened at or after 10:11 it should run as it does now.

Thank you both! I split the rules and I am going to try it out tonight.