Lighting rule

Having trouble with a lighting rule I am trying to figure out. I have an old GE zwave dimmer. Between sunset and sunrise when motion is detected I want the dimmer to turn on and set to 70%. But.... I want the switch when pressed on to override the diim to 80% and turn the light on to 100%. Then want the light to turn off either way after 1 minute of no motion. Can this be done?

The easiest thing would be to install and use the motion lighting app. It can do all this already, so you don't have to build out the rule.

I have. Not sure how to pull everything off above with the simple lightning.

Motion lighting app. Simple Lighting doesn’t offer all that.

How would you override with a press of the switch? So if the light is triggered by motion and comes on at 70% I then want the 70% to be overridden by a tap of the switch and change to 100%. <--. This is the part I am stuck on.

Not what I am wanting. I am wanting it to change to 100% with one tap. I do not want to hold the switch to change the dim level from 70% to 100% I want it to flip to 100%

Ok. I thought that’s what switch to turn on light did in those options. So easy fix. Make a simple lighting rule that turns on the light to 100% when the switch is pressed and also define the switch in the option for on in motion lighting.

That should work. You can do this with mode lighting too, but I think this way will work for you.