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Hi if someone could help please with lighting rules I'm using default motion lighting app Everything OK what I need but the problem is with the sensor lux reporting I'm using philips hue motion sensor The rule simple turn on lighting if motion is on and I have delay off for 2 minutes + I add do not turn if lux level higher then 20 lux so day time light will not turn on because lux level will be say 100 when it is becoming dark in the room light will turn On Now the problem is that sometimes it is working OK sometime not and I found the problem that sensor sometimes takes time to report lux level. Do not know why this is happening This happening at evening time Situation like this : motion detected + lux level 0 lights on Than rule has 2 minutes delay before lights will be off and light will go of after 2 min Say next minute I'm going back to this room and lights will not turn on because Sensor still has lux reading when the lights was on say 40 lux and in real life it is dark. is there any option to avoid this? Sensor setup report 1 lux changes So in logic when the light off after 2 min sensor shud pickup that now it is dark report that lux level now 0 Sometime it is work OK but sometimes it is not?

Is there any option in motion lighting app to add rule that evening time ignore lux reading and light only will turn from motion? I have not found? Maybe I need to use rule machine for this?

My Hue lux/motion/temp sensor occasionally stops reporting LUX changes. My workaround is an RM rule refreshing the device every 5 minutes.


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"if lux exceed 1" (you can make it 100 or 200) = no light turn on with motion, if light out, do not turn on

Here's another sample. I'm not sure why I did it two separate ways, but they both function.

I guess this might be more technically correct since it is not "turning the light back off" but preventing the light from turning on at all.

"turn on only if lux less then"

From the begin I was using aotec multisensor 6 with the same rule and there was more day to report lux level Sometimes takes 5 minutes to report/ refresh lux level Then I change to philips hue and everything for couple days was OK then lights star not turn What strange is I start check hue sensor and when the motion is detected same time I'm getting lux reading so for me it is strange why sometimes lux reading not sent?

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Oh I got ya now. Yeah battery devices can be bad about reporting in a timely manor. You could try setting your lux thershold higher. Sub-optimal I know but could work.

The lux reading does not need to be "sent" for the rule to trigger. The last "sent" value just needs to be below the threshold when the rule is triggered. If it sees a light source on and reports high lux, and does not report it going off again for a while, that is most likely a battery/reporting issue. They do not report all the time or they would kill the battery.

Is there anyway you can put the Aeotec M6 on USB? It works much better that way. I would recommend putting one AM6 on mains, and using it for all lux rules if possible. There is also a community driver that has some additional settings, but yes on battery the reporting is not great.

Or use the refresh command posted by @arnb and see if it helps. @arnb That doesn't drain battery life?

Also post your rule just in case there might be something wacky in it.

Thank you everyone for the help I think I confused my self with logical rule I did not add to thinking that all battery devices try to avoid power drain and if they use lux reading each second say the battery's will be dead in month time So to avoid this I need to use logic rule more clever Like sample above Thank you

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Perhaps, but it uses inexpensive AAA batteries and so far they seem to be holding up quite well

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Current States

  • battery : 100
  • illuminance : 466
  • motion : inactive
  • temperature : 75.33
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I have tested yesterday hue motion sensor to see when it is reporting lux level and I found that it takes exact 5 min to refresh lux level " I have not add any refresh rule etc" Now interesting part is that when hue motion detects motion it is sends lux reading as well but for me this was little problematic as my rule was if lux level bellow 20 lux and motion detected lights will turn on. It is working but problem was when lights on lux level jumps to say 40 lux and my rule have delay 2 minutes for lights off Now after 2 minutes lights off and lux level still 40 lux " but in room is dark should be 0 lux" Now me walking in to room lights should turn on " as it is dark 0 lux should be" but sometimes hue ignore to send lux level when motion active and have lux reading as it was lights on 40 lux and light will not turn on as exeding 20 lux The strange thing is why hue motion sends lux reading when motion is active and sometimes ignore to do this This is why I need to do more clever rule to avoid instant lux reading automation and thinking how to do this?

Something to consider. In my office, and basement I do not use Lux. I want those lights on all the time when there is motion.

The only time I fuss with a lux exception is if the room has good outside light (windows), so my rules are all based on outdoor lux, not room lux. If outside lux is X, then I know there is enough light in Y room, and I set rules accordingly. This way I only need 1 outdoor lux reading for all my rules and the internal light coming on does not mess up my rules. (I use 3 outdoor sensors with and averaging app to get a good "real light" reading, but that is besides the point)

others may have a different approach and I am always welcome to new ideas.

I'm thinking to do 2 motion lighting rules with sunrise and sunset and other sunset sunrise The difference will be day time I will use lux readings + motion and second rule night time I will use only motion As when sun gone it is wil be dark so there is no point to use lux reading anyway My goal to use automation for light complete not using switches anywhere I'm thinking about outside lux reading as well "but I need to add situation if blinds closed or forgot to open or I want them closed in that room light need turn on by measuring lux level There always will be problem I just need to find correct logic in rule to avoid instant lux measuring automation and hue will refresh lux reading 5 min intervals I have hue motion switches + can be used alexa But my goal full automation and I'm begginer only couple months in to this so everything is new and learning:)

Just to add what I'm thinking Hue motion lux refreshing 5 min interval if no motion detected but when it is have motion triggered it sends lux as well but not always " it is send always 1 time when motion active but second lux interval?" My motion set to 10 sec at the moment and I noticed that lux reading when motion is re triggered hue sends lux reading maybe 2 min intervals or else I need to experiment in event with lights on off and motion re triggered to find correct interval Than I can create my rule with timing to match off interval + motion trigger interval when hue sent lux reading Maybe someone already know this timing interval?

While converting my RM Lux Lighting logic to groovy, I paused my 5 minute Hue refresh rule to see what occurred.

With Lux Reporting Threshold set at 1 Lux (Default), The Hue sensor reported Lux infrequently, and in over 100Lux increments. "Resumed" the Hue refresh rule :grinning:

I had similar needs. Use one or more external light sensors (I use the new cheap Xiaomi light sensor). You can also average their values using community apps (search average all):in this forum)

I was thinking of getting a motion for the front entrance hall of my home which is a condo. The hall has no windows so it often is dark enough to want to use the light even at mid-day, especially if it is cloudy out. I guess I could get a mains powered lux sensor to look at a window and try to figure out a way to correlate that reading to my hallway’s lux as I read the above about how long it takes for battery powered ones to get a reading on their own. I also read about creating a refresh rule, for say, every 5 minutes.

I was wondering if we could use variables to create a rule that would work like this: When light goes on set the variable to null. Then some time after the goes off (say 20 seconds) send a refresh command and capture that lux setting to the variable. Also capture the time that was captured.

Then when motion is detected again if < X time has elapsed (which would be the manufacturer’s built in refresh period), use our captured level. Otherwise use the lux reading from the device.

But perhaps I’m missing something about the need for the refresh rule above. Do battery powered motion/lux sensors (like Hue or Aeotec) periodically take a lux reading or do they stay 100% dormant until motion is detected? If so, is the reporting/Hubitat fast enough to capture and evaluate if this new lux level is < X to turn on the light?