Lighting rule problem

I am having a problem with my lighting rule which has worked great but has recently started playing up. I have 2 rules for my night time period that has a sensor on the ground floor that turns on 3 lights at a low setting, and a sensor on the first floor that turns on 2 lights. One of these lights is included in the ground floor rule.
Recently the lights in the 1st floor rule do not always come on, I hace looked in the logs but there are no actions reported at the times they do not come on.
I am either missing something, or there has been a change that has affected my rules that have been working fine for about 2-3 months until now. Is it that I cannot include a bulb in more than 1 rule. Should I get another sensor so that no bulb is in more than one rule ??? The ground floor lights are using a Philips Hue motion sensor and the first floor lights are using a sonoff motion sensor.
please see attached screen shots of the rules affected. TIA

You're rules are competing because of time. Delete one of the rules then on the one that's left use a required expression of 1st floor motion sensor OR ground floor motion sensor. (I know you posted on FB figure I'd chime in here too :slight_smile: )

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