Lighting rule based on arrival

This is what im trying to do:

turn on my outside lights when me or my wife arrive between sunrise and sunset but turn off 5 minutes after? I dont see arrival as an option in rule machine? Just presence.

Use presence, when a presence sensor changes to present that means it arrived. Same thing.

In this case, I'd either use a Triggered Rule with arrival as the trigger and sunset-sunrise as the condition/rule, or use a Trigger with sunset-sunrise as a restriction. Both would accomplish the same thing.

Here's an example of a triggered rule. Trigger with restrictions would be the same, except the time component would be listed under the restriction section instead of a condition.

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Thanks again, I feel like im back in school. :grin:

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If you use the Restriction, it will have the undesired side effect of leaving the lights on if they come on just before the end of the period. So using a condition would work better.


Does the restriction cancel the scheduled off event? I guess I was unclear about how restrictions affected those.

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All Restrictions prevent a rule from doing anything upon any event. So it doesn't actually cancel the scheduled off event -- it prevents it from taking the action.


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